Sunday, June 01, 2014

We Hold Generosity Cautiously

Fifteen and that's the best I'll give you. The number came to me through a flash of insight, remaindered after a process of reflection which guaranteed nothing except an outcome.

Severally speaking, consider this as your MO from now on:

  1. think seriously about your friends when you do something alone
  2. break off the activity to email them to tell them that you're actively seriously thinking about them
  3. return to the activity (still alone) but allow your friends to be present, active with you, because you've emailed them (2), present in thought in a way that's different from (1)
  4. allow yourself to be active differently, in the way that doing an activity alone and doing it with friends changes the activity
Charge the following activities with the recipe above:

- permit a living thing to grow or live (not all living things grow), but don't cultivate it, just endorse it, solitarily (1), with friends in mind (1-4)
- similarly, halve your decisions: 50% of the distinctions or options you deliberate are spurious, involve someone in thought (1) in the process of thinking about not thinking about those choices
- consider the absence of glitch (hi5 Mr Trick), alone and with friends in mind
- regret / charm the elements

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Being, Cheap. OR: Cookie policing.

The corner turned itself and observed its angularity: I think I look obtuse in this aspect. The lack of effort. An unoriginal corner, or, let us find charity or consideration for the less able corners; a neurotic corner, unprepared to pick better terms or make better points, oppressed by how it may be regarded. An overly self-regarding corner. How obtuse. How un.

The conceit is not complete. The form has not yet submitted itself to redundancy, although it was resigned for a while, while again again.

Through all this, and more, on days and other events, we recognised that the business or activity of noting the spaces into which our categories organised themselves was not yet without fruit, seed, potential, bearing, moment, calorie, factor, presence, leverage, charge. We persist, we persevere, we turn. We note the continuity, we find the flavours that haven't been controlled, resisted, exorcised, argued out of existence. Jst. JJst. Jjsst. Jjjjssst give it to me. Jjjjjjssssst given to me. But smile as you describe yourself, relieve yourself. Of your anxiety, by acknowing it with a grin. Self self self is hard. The corner is selfregarding awkwardly. Obtusely.

Here's stuff from that lad, and bless him (again with the gods among us, again with the frail momentum, again with the troubled hyphenation, again with the gilden complication, the charity or consideration for the less able corners, for the fallen falling failing heaven), bless him it's hard. Find space where you can. Look no listen and file it while (where) you can, the curtain is like rain. The time is back to us.