Thursday, June 28, 2012

One foot solidly in front of the other

"The word cute did not exist in his emotional vocabulary."

We're stuck with each other, far apart. Stuck apart. Let's connect, like a bully and the bullied, let's let our thoughts be preoccupied with each other until the last bell rings and we have to meet to settle ourselves; the relief of not having to think about each other and instead to be able to finally release the thoughts.

Here I'm preoccupied with Red Night by TVO, out July 2nd e.g. dead soon, on the excellent Broken 60 tape label. I won't remember it for you wholesale here, rather just go click on the soundcloud links and get your immersion tank warmed, then get on the orderage and nab yourself some future magneticals.

Here I'm immersing in Dem Hunger / Wanda Group / The Hers / Susie Sahara / Shelley Duvall / Hav Lyfe / Umbro G, still. I got on and fed myself a feed of all the free mediafire / bandcamp uploads he's been sharing. Get involved in GET INVOLVED IN MY THROAT. Get yerself to the CLEANERS. Spend but 1UKPOUND and have an individualised, bespoke, one-off, handcrafted CDR made and sent to you. EARTH INSIDER.

ccc-ed to your mum.

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