Sunday, March 11, 2012

Still Ain't Dead

Precarious times. So they live embedded in so many online identities they keep forgetting that they drive content elsewhere. Drive this:

what follows is a tracklist. Nuffin long. 15mins, 11 tracks, 21MB.
Numan - Jurassic Park
Low Deep - Cheeky Violin refix
Waifer - unknown
Dot Rotten - Bazooka instru
Low Deep - Straight Flush 2
Numan - Punch Bag
Zomby - Aquafresh
Terror Danjah feat. Badness - Cut Out
Roll Deep - Avenue Heartache Refix instru
Spooky - Morgue refix
John Cohen - Seiki dub remix
So I'd fill you in, but that would be to assume that blogs are still a viable online currency. Or, rather, to assume that you are still a viable online identity, one which reads blogs, one which blogs, one which isn't stuck outside, one which has value, one with attitudes (regardless if attitudes, being mostly nonexistent, are more or less unviable).

So here we are. Listening and sharing, just like the oldener days. Some people died, some people grafted, each of us travelled somewhere, and here we meet to join up eyes and ears on a common driven content. Our mutual gaze isn't going out of style. Our capacity for mutuality will outlast us. EVEN us.

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