Thursday, June 09, 2011

Swung It Brung It

Don't shop what you can't find in a place where they sell that stuff you like the look of but always looks weak when you get it home. Only shop the things you find there. It'll look better the more of it you get. It'll look eclectic. You'll develop taste and character. People'll gonna look at your collection and see movement and symmetry and decision where there was nothing but regret cos it looked weak when you first brung it home. They'll wanna shop in a place like yours but they shouldn't. They should only shop what they can find in a place where it sells that stuff that they like the look of but always looks weak when they git it home.

What's new? Here's the story:

1. I'm hooked on DEM HUNGER's projects, and there seem to be many of them, all scarcely promoted - intentionally weak metadata. This goes subcutaneous. He's got a language of paint and bodily fluids working out, viscera, pond foam and scum, gender identity lost in hacked up b&w photos of chossy rubble, and all bundled up in toddler-sodden oily rags of abuse. Don't contemplate it, just let it corrode you. Check Leaving Records for some Dem Hunger / Durlin Lurt tapes and releases. Also look up his/her Sandra stuff. This tumblr hooks you up with regular mediafire sounds, and the twitter keeps your mind on the filth. It's Ghedalia Tzartes with colour synesthesia, tourette's syndrome, and diesel fumes.

2. Hooked on the new Dalglish release on Highpoint Lowlife - Benacah Drann Deachd. The label's coming to a close, but this is a renewed, restrengthened output for an artist whose been bubbling away at brewing a distinct sound in the murky world of glimmering glitches and gently resistant undertowed drone. There's a completely cohesive structure to everything that goes on in here - you remember those Asa-Chang and Jun Ray releases on the Leaf Label, laying out their precession and procession by tightly constrained mathematical rules of proportion? But here the way of going isn't so self-consciously Up Front - it has a closer parallel, perhaps, to the dj's craft, shifting the tension and the release by aligning and misaligning the dropouts on distinct compositions while playing them simultaneously. [That's what good djs do, at least.] Get immersed.

3. You're already hooked on em, but so am I: Sonic Router's awesome podcasts on the Bleep podcast. Obviously it's tough for anyone who doesn't have super-extended time to keep up with everything that SR links up to - you need 56 hours in a day just to get part of the drift of the world of fantastic music that SR seems to have a hotline direct into. So these are fragmentary snippets of the bigger SR picture, the condensation of each year's week of that world, keepin it bass, friendly, booty and tuff. All good, all the time - a force not to attempt to reckon, the human mind is mostly finite.

4. eat this
YOU HEARD by JoeRuckus

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