Monday, September 06, 2010

Certain Retributivist

In case you keep forgetting how blogs work: click the words to find the music. Like this. Comment.

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These are where we are. This is us now.

Let's not be hasty.

What does it mean to change your mind? No judgement in brainstorm sunchina, so just put it out there - let the questions' roles work their maybes. A pitch: to change your mind, do you have had to have had one made up? Is mind-changing indicative of (or even presupposed by) once-having-decision-making done? Alternatively, on the other hand, moresoever: perhaps, or perhaps not, change-minding falls afoul of a rational problem - from where do we think as we move the mind? An old problem, and unfixed.

Two perspectives on a changing mind:

(i) it encourages nostalgie, since the old ways (from which we have certainly deviated) are reevaluated in a new light; things weren't so bad, why did we stray so far, can alt-retro ever (re)capture the authentic elderly? Apologia, revisionism, reversion.

(ii) it opposes nostalgia (except, perhaps, nostalgie de la boue): we are here to move away from the present old ways, they are broke, we misunderstand current practice - we think it is rich but it is bankrupt not. Iconoclasm, revolution, revision.

There is work here to be done, but only gnomically. Gnome on, again.

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