Friday, June 25, 2010

Age Class Tarbell

Spin a while.

News 1: Sad to hear that Highpoint Lowlife, the esteemed London-based label that's been putting out top quality electronic music for the past n years, have decided to call it a day. HPLL's head honcho Thor is dedicating his multi-tasked time to working on graphic novelism, check his styles here. As a coda there's a slew of new releases, including some wax! Yep, the new LP from Roof Light is getting a selected-tracks 12" treatment (check the audio below and all, there's some Roof Light snuck in there). Another top-notch recent release has been Mandelbrot's latest on HPLL, called Effect-Release, which is a collection of treated-guitar drones - it's very much rx3 listening territory: while listening close to the manipulation of the source material, you imagine you can work out how it's been achieved, until you realise how much more was going on that you weren't attentive to. Rich, mellifluous, entrancing and not a little uplifting - beautiful stuff. Shop it up now.

News 2: Another rx3-fav-label bursts further upon the scene: Pictures music's website also collects photos and things. I've featured some stuff from Dark Sky on here before, but I've just been checking new signing Koreless's stuff on his soundcloud, it's feeling good. Go click. Looking forward to some vinyl from this house before long...

News 3: Dutty Artz have released a new LP from Matt Shadetek - 'Flowers' picks up a slightly melancholy emotional overtone and sets it in within a UK-influenced bass-driven dancefloor style. It's got strings playing game-tune melodies over bassline beats that drop like Dexplicit, as well as grime riffs, whips cracking over synth glissandi, that are begging to be vocalled. Check the freebies on the Dutty Artz page and then go Pick It Up.

News 4: New LP forthcoming from Lukid on Werk Discs titled 'Chord' - this one's gonna get a heavy 3x12" vinyl pressing, which is properly exciting. You've got to get a listen to the track / look at the video for 'Hair of the Dog', which started circulating at the end of February. Big styles.

News 5: TVO / The Village Orchestra's Ruaridh Law has set up a new label broken20 alongside collaborators / co-conspirators Production Unit and Erstlaub, so it's gonna be quite the triumvirate Scottish powerhouse. They say:
Rather than be genre-tied, we will be releasing music rooted in a particular aesthetic – releases concerned with decay, erosion, entropy, mistakes and errors, line noise and tape hiss, hum and buzz.
Couldn't be more exciting: errors? mistakes? Now That's What I Call Music. The label's release schedule (which is also gonna include bits from all three artists) is anticipated by free releases under the label moniker 'brokenZero', available here. Snag all three and then point your .rss feedreadster t'ward the broken20 podcast, part one of which comes from Erstlaub and sets one part of the tone for the label's outlook: "On Becoming Invisible’ is a 70 minute exploration of drone, dark-ambient and post rock".

Other: a little mix of recent big listening: been diggin Raffertie's work a LOT; still addicted to everything to do with the Infrasonics label and particularly feeling the new 12" splitting Jamie Grind with Gon; Actress' Splazsh LP on Honest Jons is clearly album of the year. One song into another and then into the next. 29mins, 8 individual pieces, long enough to apply for a job, diverse enough to feel experienced.

• Vukasin - 'I Feel', Various EP [Jack Union records]

• xxxy - 'Know You', infra12002 [infrasonics]

• Frank Heiss vs. Dr Walker - '24.10.1996', The Liquid Sky Adventure Series vol1. [Electro Bunker Cologne]

• Monolake - 'Shutdown', Silence [Imbalance Computer Music]

• Actress - 'Lets Fly', Splazsh [Honest Jon's]

• Roof Light - 'Losing My Mind', Kirkwood Gaps [Highpoint Lowlife]

• Gon - 'Chaka Mad', infra12003 [infrasonics]

• Raffertie - 'Unmatched Souls (dub)', (unreleased)