Thursday, January 07, 2010

Except everything else accedes acceptance

I've made comments. You'll find comments by me on what you sent. There'll be boxes where my comments are made. There'll be lines and arrows. There'll be interruptions. It'll be reformatted. There are rearrangements. Consult the chart that illustrates the present layout of the vehicle. I've found sentences to couple between your sentences, and thoughts to introduce into your sentences; your sentences are the carriages which convey my thoughtful accommodation. What you said wasn't enough or wasn't clear enough or said too much or said it in a way that I wouldn't say it. I say your thoughts with your words better than you do, and I have better thoughts to say with my words, which are better.

In news (relatively recent, yet still out of date the minute it was announced anywhere, nothing ages faster than development - if someone's telling you something, you should assume they're the last to know, and if it's new to you then you should assume it doesn't need to be known: if it's something you've never heard before there must be a reason, and the Best Explanation why you haven't heard about it before is that it isn't worth knowing, only old news is worth knowing, read yesterday's papers again today, read columns titled 'news' on flash websites that haven't been updated since 2006; if someone's repeating something to you, telling you something that you've already heard about, then it's worth getting involved - a conversation can start, you can comment, share your opinions that you've had a chance to formulate; even better, you don't need to listen to them: you've already heard what they're trying to tell you, so use the time while they're talking thinking up things to say once they've stopped, think about how to make it sound natural, as though it follows on from wherever they leave off - judicious selection of evuative linking words will help, whether positive or negative: "yes, you're right, but I was thinking that..." "no, I'm not sure, since..." and if they fail to pick up the baton after you've stopped speaking its probably because you're telling them something that they haven't heard before - you should leave the conversation there, and then repeat yourself later; make your opinions worth knowing by making them known more than once, let others recognise them as your opinions, and use the time that it takes for you to say them to think up things to say in response):
  • werk records release LONE's 'Ecstasy and Friends'. Ear-sucking splendour, shiny and summertime, tinged with the melancholy of autumn-around-the-corner.
  • Infrasonics go from strength to strength with Infra003 by SPATIAL
  • Stuff records coalesce into Numbers records
  • before coalescence their penultimate release is the optimal 'Rooks E.P' by the awesome TVO, who wrapped up double-oh-9 with a feature spread in The Wire magazine (free mp3 exclusive there) and a fantastic mix on FACT magazine's podcast 102
  • Sheffield's Rough Disko host some super hype events including some of the Numbers bunch from Glasgow (Jackmaster); Strong Looks all round
  • Steakhouse records get hype and even more hype as steak001 gets props from radiohead's thom yorke and they announce the release of Steakhouse002, featuring vocals from MC Zulu, and giving away a free Grievous Angel remix of their Tigris riddim. The blog's become compulsive clicking, new stuff from Ghislain Poirier just up there now, and their twitter feed suggests that there's something in the works with Cardopusher... Big
  • WhirringCat brought this mix in november that you should go back for, a listen much worth listening again
  • Highpoint Lowlife finished 09 on a high (having sustained one throughout), releasing 10-20's second part in a series of 'landform' EPs, this one titled 'Lake', a follow up to 'Island', and to be completed by 'Mountain' and 'Isthmus'. I'm a massive fan of this sound; it properly connects several key themes in rx3 listening habits: itchy electronic manipulation, most properly the preserve of the idm machine but liberated by deft application of ambient, found and acoustic sounds; drawn out, slowly arching crescendi, located on the strip of deep listening that links the habitat of the drone aficionado to the haunts of the techno habitué; a sensitive understanding of the associations between poly/microrhythms and rhythmic separation across the frequencies - beat is supplicant to vision, a composite of independently meaningful parts.
  • Nightshifters gave away a killer dancefloor EP 'Vampire Killer' back around halloween by dj P.O.L. Style, and have just followed it up with NS011 'Valhallah' by Hostage. Bootdown solid sounds. Been saying it for a while - Nightshifters are a team worth following. They've got a peculiarly heavy and raw approach to this bmore fidget house scene that takes them to an altogether more bass-driven skull-shaking place. Must be in the pedigree of the parties. Pushin it hard.
  • Matt Shadetek and DJ/rupture release 'Solar Life Raft' on theagriculture - a mix LP including lotsa exclusives, followed up by a 'singles' version release where you can get hold of the source material. It's a mature sound. Shadetek's post-grime productions have long since demonstrated his nuanced ability to hit delicate notes without lapsing to the sentimental, and the clarity of his sound shows the results of his long-time commitment to the studio arts. Meanwhile /rupture has been making progressive moves away from the early bombast of ragga-jungle, and while his Nettle project continues to explore enervative modes of innovative non-western musical ideas, his role as standard bearer for sharing Mexican and South American cumbias suggests a more developed understanding of the sensual elements of sound; the hypnotic sway and pitch, ululation and diaphanous layers that can still build for a diaphoretic dancefloor. Solar Life Raft combines each artists recent developments - it brings together two sets of ears acutely tuned for subtleties of expression.
  • Chris Watson compiles the sounds of water - rain, waves, glaciers, drips - for bbc radio4. Super deep. Coped to tape, slowed it down, got that deep bass cave boom.
I've put some songs together. Listen now:

• Calika - 'Crome Yellow', Slack Jaw [Highpoint Lowlife]

• Omar-S - 'Leave Luck to Heaven', Side Trakx vol2 [FXHE]

• Dem Hunger - 'Astro Glug', [Unreleased]

• Depakote - 'Calculator', It's Not 94 Anymore [Highpoint Lowlife]

• Nosaj Thing - '2222', Drift [Alpha Pup]

• TVO - 'Non-Euclidean', The Starry Wisdom [Highpoint Lowlife]

• Lloop - 'Lei-Tzu', 60 Hertz [theAgriculture]

• A Bridge Far Away - 'Drift ft. Indi Kaur (Grievous Angel remix)', [unreleased]

• Hudson Mohawke - 'Twistclip Loop', Butter [Warp]

• Octapush - 'Dubshh', IBR004 [Iberian Records]

• Dark Sky - 'Ghost Note', [Black Acre]

• October - 'Homosapiens', CVAN001 [Caravan]

• John Cohen - 'Never Down', [Unreleased]

• DJ P.O.L. Style - 'Vampire Killer', Vampire Killer E.P. [Nightshifters]

• Jore Suc - 'Sum Rye Then', [Unreleased]

• DJ Sprinkles - 'Brenda's $20 Dilemma', Midtown 120 Blues [Mule Musiq]

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Nick said...

Just getting round to reading through all me RSSs following weeks away from the action... Man, Joe, you puts the words together nice in this one. The big parenthetical bit reminded me of y'know-the-man...

Gonna listen to mixy treat now. Nice one.