Friday, January 22, 2010

Design Creep

"Stick to the brief guv, don't complicate things. Don't improvise. You put so much thought an' effort into getting it right on the night, why'd you wanna go and risk screwin' it up by ignorin' the script?"

Wise words from / the departed. Who knew just what to say at any time, ever consulting her rotating library for new lyrical images. Pure performance, these conversations. Gifts on a stage that rots in the back of taxis or across an overlit pub hall, fingers pointing, aren't you the guy that talks? Yeah that's me, talking now, aren't you the guy that points at the guy that talks? Never could improvise - laugh at my own malapropisms before anyone else spots 'em, laugh before I've said 'em, correct 'em with a humorous grimace while I'm saying 'em - the guy that talks with a humorous grimace every time he says something unmalapropic, intentionally properly construes all of his single entrendres.

Be brief, stick to the brief:

This one on heavy repeat: SQUAREDº's mix 'Here, There, Now & You' is definitely worth grabbing. Lovely set of tropical sounds, underwritten by digical low frequencies, acid snares, dancehall rhythms, and overridden by that shah-sh-sh-sha hihat and lickle-whistles and tic-toc woodblox. Exclusively hot features: new forthcoming tracks on Pollinate records (twennyten look Strong for them), soundfx, that Deckstar feat. Phe Phe track 'Take Me Away', which happens to unbutton in just the right fashion. Grab it from here.

Got this in the inboxxxxx a few weeks ago, been meaning to hype. Y'all know Maga Bo? If you're reading here I'm guessin you do. Ever circulating the globe, ever picking up new sounds, the man behind 2008's 'Archipelagoes' brings a new mixtape. Hot tracklist - lots of new Maga Bo material, stuff from Filastine, tracks from their joint project Sonar Calibrado, lotsa guest vocals including dutty artz' Jahdan Blakkamore. Grab it from here.

In other news, I'm hoping to reach the People's Republic of South Yorx for the next in a series of hott hott shows lined up at Rough Disko. On the 5th Feb they've got Hessle Audio's Ben UFO showin up to flex some dancefloor. I've been continually impressed by his sound and versatility, his show on subFM had me locked regularly, rolling from his intimate knowledge of off-centre-swung hiphop to some of the most precision-tooled du_ste_ flavours around, the kind that he's been puttin out on Hessle. Support from Swansea's Doc Daneeka, rollin out that funky sound. Sheffield Harley, free before 11, only £3 after (how do they do it?).

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