Friday, October 16, 2009

abstrucing equalitisation

About a month ago I got wasted at the warp20 celebrations in Magna, Sheffield (actually Rotherham), and played music along with Juliun c90 to an often deserted v.i.p. bar - everyone was down in the main room rockin out to Squarepusher spanking his jazz bass, followed by some big sets from big warp acts. Forgemasters were immense - raw bleep vibes, with beats sounding fresher than a lot of styles since.

Big shouts to Matt REAL BAD, bringin his upbeat touch to the whole of the weekend's proceedings. Get yerself subscribed to Real Bad, he's right where the action is, a man with all the buttons. Big love to Tom c90 for being the daddy and gettin us all to it and through it an'all.

Anyhoo, here's a half-hour bit of what I played. I can't hype John Cohen enough - his sound is jaw-dropping on a big system, and opens and closes this mix with stunning style. You'll hear more of this guy, 4 shore.

Warp 20th birthday party 19th September 2009 by JoeRuckus

• John Cohen - 'Dilemma 9', [unreleased]

• Pan Sonic - 'Arktinen Arctic', KESTO(234.48:4) [Blast First]

• Re-Up Gang - 'Fuck You', We Got It For Cheap vol.3

• Nochexxx - 'Mitshubishi', [unreleased]

• La Yegros - 'Trocitos (dj/rupture and matt shadetek remix)' [Dutty Artz]

• Monkey Steak - 'Tigris Riddim', Steak House promo CD [unreleased/ Steak House]

• Drexicya - 'Lake Haze', Harnessed the Storm, [Tresor]

• Taktik - 'Krohm', Digital Gadget [Digital Gadget]

• Erik XVI - 'Unionens sista daga (Hot City's Die Maschine Mixx)', Stern-Gerlachs försök (remixes), [Highpoint Lowlife]

• Octa Push - 'Get Yo Shit Out (remix)', [unreleased]

• Joker - 'Untitled_rsn', Tectonic Plate 2.3, [Tectonic]

• Shake Shakir - 'Arise (amazon time trials mix 1), [unreleased]

• Soundmurderer & SK1 - 'Toronto VIP', Sacred Symbols of Mu, [planet-mu]

• John Cohen - 'Wav', [unreleased]

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