Monday, September 07, 2009

Build Them Quicker Than They Burn Them

Summer held scant regard for my academia. It paid me up until the very second it figured I was definitely disposable and then it flushed me out. I've spent these academic months penniless, trawling noticeboards and classifieds for someone /anywhere to give me a place in their season. I interviewed for Autumn last week and it's let me in, just as the sun threatens to disappear into a grey Birmingham. But hey, I really quite like what I've seen of Autumn so far. Seems that it's got enough good scenes going on for me to pretend that I'm more exclusive than all of 'em. Talkin' of hotttness:

I've been rubbing sweaty hands on corduroy with tight trainers on, and there's enough static to stun a cat, such is the buzz around Cooly G right now. So SUPERHYPE!! to our sisters at Sheffeeeel's Rough Disko for pulling off such a stunning livenup for the their FIFTH girthday. Five orlreddy, omg etc. Yer man and champion RD vinyl-buster GAG REFLEX has put together this toptrump mix in honour of the occasion, and I'd like to wholewheatedly expedite your direct clickage thereupon immediament:

• Jesse Rose feat. Deize Tigrona - Toca Pra Mim
• Efdemin / Martyn - Acid Bells (Martyn's Dark Mix)
• Geeneus - Yellowtail VIP
• Douster - For Weirdos Only (Momma's Boy rmx)
• El Remolon feat MC Marina - Vem Que Tem
• Major Lazer - Hold The Line (NOC Hold The Trompet rmx)
• Hot City - Sweat
• Dre Skull feat. Sizzla - Gone Too Far (Goon rmx)
• Buraka Som Sistema feat. Petty - D... D... D... D... Jay (Poligono Big Pachanga rmx)
• Maps - I Dream Of Crystal (Solo rmx)
• L-Vis 1990 - Come Together
• Rob Threezy - The Change Up (Jokers Of The Scene rmx)
• Hot City - Yeah!
• Brackles - LHC
• Jahcoozi - Ally McBills (Robert Johnson 6am X-Ray Italo Rework)

Yes yes, there's also Aberdeen Action on the card. Even though I'm no longer in the land of the grey and blue but mainly grey, my man Ace Inhibitor and me are still swopping notes on all things tropicale, and he's holding down the biznezz end of PetroCollapse freal. Incoming: free party at the Tunnels, Aberdeen, on Thursday 24th September.

Ace asked me to put together a mix to celebrate the sound, and to complement his Petrofffreshner mix here. I've obliged, although to be honest I didn't get many tropical flavours in there - I've been stepping to some straight jigsaw beats these past few months, and so I mixed them up. Never fear, the chu-chch-chu-chch-chu cumbia feel will be back in big F ECT properly soon, what with El Hijo de la Cumbia's EP release on Soot, and with The Peronists touring the UK later in the year. But for now, here's that Petrocollapse mix. [You can see from the tracklists that me and Rough Disko's Gag Reflex are diggin very similar crates recently, a fact that continues to delight me, particularly given how little we see of each other or correspond. Kindred Souls.]

• Villa Diamante - 'Oro11 vs Kelis', Empacho Digital [free free free free free free download remix/mashup album]

• Lone - 'Sungraze Cascade', Ecstasy and Friends [werk]

• Unknown - 'Freak For You', 12" [Thriller]

• Run DMC - 'My Adidas (Pilotpriest remix)'

• Machine Drum - 'Freshkids ft. Mickey Factz', Want To 1 2? [Normrex records]

• Taktik - 'Krohm', Digital Gadget - linked elsewhere on this blog

• Para One - 'Midnight Swim', Epiphanie

• Nocturnal - 'Emvee',

Monkey Steak - 'Bonfire Riddimbox', Steak House records

• Omar Souleyman - omar funkyman remix, I'm sorry, I can't remember who did it...

• Pearson Sound - 'WAD (Dj Murlo's Step Out Edit)',

• Hot City - 'Yeah!', Yeah!/Head Work [highpoint lowlife]

• TTC - 'Traviller (Orgasmic remix)'

Hanuman - 'Bola (Atik2 Remix)', Steak House records

• Subsky - 'What U Want'

• Hot City - 'No More', 12" split [Infrasonics]

• Lady Stush - 'We Nuh Run (Sirens remix)'

Jahcoozi - 'Get Yo Shit Out (Octapush remix)' , Steak House records

• Geeneus feat. Katy B - 'As I (Skepta remix), Rinse 15th Birthday Giveaways

• Ike Release - 'Jenova', 12" split [Infrasonics]

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