Thursday, July 09, 2009

k-punk got inked

[Matthew Thurber/Kevin Huizenga via the awesome Drawn&Quarterly publishing house's blog]

I look at k-punk's blog whenever I wonder what music theory looks like. He makes judicious use of comic book images, but I never wondered what he looked like.

Hot new release on NightShifters from Rampage - the 'War!' EP is out now, and a free high-quality mp3 of 'Lovin U Is Easy' is available for download right here. It's definitely signature stuff for the label, collecting dancefloor hooks and rolling them out together, ranging from soft Goldie-era synth pads to b'more breaks and handclaps, from straight tube-bass spasms to house-flava tone-chimes on the downbeat of the bar. Freshness!

Also on heavy repeat this morning, care of Murkules, is the sneaker-squeak of Lady Stush doing dancehall chatter on a sparse-as-you-like funky production 'We Nuh Run', download it here then flex yerself.