Wednesday, June 24, 2009


TWO heavyweight giveaways today.

AA Number One
Here's a mix of tracks which feature the letters A, R and C in their title. It explains itself.


• 'Arktinen / Arctic' - Pan Sonic, KESTO (234.48:48), (Blast First)

• 'Arcadeagle' - 10-20, 10-20, (Highpoint Lowlife) 'Archangel (Leif remix)' - Burial

• 'Pins (Atki2's Architect remix)' - Starkey, NC-17 EP, (Dead Homies)

• 'Arches Never Sleep' - Leafcutter John, The Housebound Spirit, (Planet-mu)

• 'Titan Arch' - COIL, Love's Secret Domain, (Threshold House)

• 'Arcades-Pamelor' - Le Fly Pan Am, Ceux Qui Inventent N'ont Jamais Vécu (?), (Constellation)

• 'Architektur ist Geiselnahme' - Einstürzende Neubauten, Strategies Against Architecture III (mute)

• 'Spiral Architect' - Donna Summer, To All Methods Which Calculate Power (Omeko)

• 'Antarctic Return (Sho by Maymi Miyata)' - Björk, The Music of Matthew Barney's 'Drawing Restraint 9' (One Little Indian)

BB Number Two
Here's a mix straight from our homegrown family of wilful turntablists, Wildabeast c90 on more live than live deck duty at We Wear The Gold 2.

tracklist (cut'n'pasted verbatim from Wildabeast's crackberry):
• Combo toad fish dmz mud into tone on tfish then Pharoh monch duck sex scratchgagball to beat on gagball links to
• Duck break cunt side lst song duck scrtch sentances
• Oscillator duck scratch
• Drop the toad man compgame scrattch then funky beat and paul nice
• Toadman cold getin dumb

If you want more listening, I got these following recommends on continual circulation right here on the airfoil:
  • Infrasonics 12001EP split 12" with Ike Release on one side and Hot City on the other. Some playfully inventive dancefloor workouts here. Both sides reach deep bass frequencies and short out with crackling summer lightning on the top end. 'Misdeeds' from Hot City has a darker rave-stab vibe with a 2-step, sitting on top of an-end-of-the-bar bass pounce, where 'Jenova' uses a hauntology delay to chart a link from this brand new 2-step to the more recent, skippier end of dubstep developments . The Ike Release side has its feet rooted in a dark Detroit/Berlin club, but isn't punishing. Where 'No More' starts off feeling like a Kanzleramt /proto-Tresor slice of techno, it's broken up by swift cuts to lighter sounds; snippets of house pianovocalpercussion, dredges of ravehoover, bit-reduced breakdowns. Similarly, 'Setting Me Free' evidences wider, cross-genre listening. At a more relaxed and bouncier lower tempo, it's able to roll out glitch house microsamples alongside some fun contemporary booty tricks - there's an ascending vocal snippet that's showing up in the post-b'more-breaks booty styles from AC-Slater, A1Bassline and the NightShifters label. Big Release! Go Grab It!
Inspired by the Ganzfeld Procedure where the participant is deprived of visual stimulus and bombarded with white/pink noise drawing the mind to form patterns in the chaos often hearing voices from the past or inventing entirely new constructs within their consciousness, this release pays tribute to the parapsychological mind and its many wonders.
  • Not a million miles away (since Erstlaub shows up for this one, I think), I'm repeated listening to The Village Orchestra's new release on Highpoint Lowlife, entitled 'I Can Hear The Sirens Singing Again'. It's a recording of a live soundtrack to a Japanese manga that I haven't seen - there's a lot going on it, and it works as a collage from sound snippets contributed by several hpll related artists. While live-playthrough-OSTs often have lofty goals ('reimagining the film in a new medium' etc), TVO eloquently describes his humble ambitions and the haphazard process behind the eventual product. It's not deflationary, he just lets it be known that however much you might want to overthink this kind of work, his point was to make some sort of accompaniment that might be suitable. As more and more of these kind of live audio/screening crossovers seem to happen, it's becoming a respectable standalone medium, without any need for justification (or even an apologetic one). Get on to it.

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