Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Left A Love A Little A

[labour of love by dj spuddah]
Your call is being recorded for training purposes. I'm away, I'll get in touch when I get back. I value your call. I value you. I value the things you bring, the things you leave. I wish I had more I could pass on to you. I wish I could pass it all off. It's all about me, your call. You called and you got me.

Here's what's past. I passed out of radio land. The colour was trooped to a welter of noise (2hours of static), which passed through the airwaves without getting recorded, so there's no record. The parade's highest ranks was the passage of songs involving the letters A. R. and C. - just like teevo I'm going to replay it, and just like sesame street I'll bring you the letters A. R. and C. in the form of the numbers 1 and zero shortly.

I also wore the Gold, and I Petrocollapsed, in the very best of company.

[stunning mug shot by Majda Dzanic]
Shouts to Taliesin and the lovely crowd he dun brung with him. Massive sounds + fresssshhhnessss!

So yeah, a promissory note on audio, to be paid in full at some point. In the meantime, let me direct your attention to several things.
  • A, number 1: An awesome FACT mix by yer man 10-20. Get On This One.  It's a great tracklist, the man's got unbelievable talent, a completely unique sound. Hearty hearty endorsement from rX3.
  • B, number 2: Day of X - because every day is an International Day of Something. May 22nd was utterly fecund.
  • D, number 4: Spannered uppered a mix of fresh skweeness by Joxaren - feelin this a lot. Roll it. Have one. Eat some.

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