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I'm getting out.

I've got out of the R!R!R!routine, so make-upping for it now by double-upping shows. Each comes with a whole HOST of links (as you'll see below), mostly to places where you can grab the stuff I've been playing. Each also comes with a host of NEWS.


So, first up, Rob!Run!Reach! #18 from April 28th. EXCLUSIVE mix from WeWearTheGold's masterful DJ DERRICK TIBBS. Right in the middle of this set I played a mix that he made exclusively for the show. The man's got a Midas touch on the turntables, and he's a top chief selecta, as you'll remember from his previous appearance on the show. 

The show kicked off with some as-yet-unreleased off-centred-cam-shuffle hiphop, and worked itself through to an EXCLUSIVE Monkey Steak mashup - a collision of Natasja (RIP) and Enur's 'Bonfire Riddim' with N.B Funky's 'Riddimbox'. That clever edit anticipated Gabriel Heatwave's thoughtful think/listen-piece on how Jamaica is waking up to the sound of the UK Funky scene (more on that in #19). Also in this show - Hanuman,  one half of Monkey Steak, sent R!R!R! some EXCLUSIVE new riddims, and I'm hilariously happy to role out 'Yafeh' for y'all. In related news, Monkey Steak have set up their own Steak House Records label, and their tasty new blog features news and free downloads, including that killah track by BitSlap that I featured here on R!R!R! just the week before, as well as an exclusive Monkey Steak remix by WTC...

• Nosaj Thing - 'Lords', Drift (Alphapup records)

• Dr Who Dat? - 'Viberion Twighlight pt2', (Lex)

• Rubi Dan & Chinski - 'Big Boi Spitta'

• Roadside Gs - 'hustlin', free download mixtape!

• Mahmoud Guenya - 'Assamaoui', (unknown morrocan label)

• MonkeySteak - 'Bonfire Riddim box', (unreleased mash up)

• Detroit Diesel - 'Freestyle', Dum Trax (Dum Trax)

• Maga Bo - 'Siri ya Pendu', Archipelagoes (Soot records)

Chris Dooks - 'An ancient piece with primary piano', 1824seconds, (studio1824)

• Machine Drum - 'Freshkids', Want To 1 - 2? (Normrex)

EXCLUSIVE DERRICK TIBBS MIX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

• Tremorefire Dubz - 'Freak like me' (Unreleased rmx c/o The Best Donut Pics You Ever Did See)

• Busy Signal - 'Tie Dye Face' (ward21 rec?)

• Hanuman - 'Yafeh', (unreleased as yet....)

• Nochexx - 'Mitsubishi', (unreleased as yet...)

• Boxcutter - 'Mya rave v2', Arecibo Message (Planet-mu records)

• Gnawledge - 'Calabazar de Sagua', (unreleased yet)

• Acid Girls - 'Oh my stars', (?)

• Moussa Doumbia - 'Membo Nden', Sounds D'Afrique vol2, (BMI)

• Lloop - 'ETC', 60Hertz (theagriculture records)

Episode #19 - the penultimate event. What's to be said? We started gentle and got up and about by the end. That 10-20 release on Highpoint Lowlife has got me gripped. The press release says he's a Devon resident, and I guess most of my crew associate that part of the world with Braindance and Rephlex. But this LP has electronics and organics, crackle and decay, slow autumnal places with leafmold, resonators and background hum. I'm hooked: it's a familiar sound even though I've not heard it before - traces that are personal but forgotten, like watching your dreams on someone else's television, reading your own words in print that you hadn't thought you'd gotten round to writing yet.

Another big exclusive from Hanuman, in the midst of a series of mixes including a free download from the above mentioned post, definitely worth a read/listen. Also in this show, a track by John Cohen on a great new free label called thisisopenmusic. Cohen's Brighton-based, that city of spiralling ideas (iTal Tek, also featured here, comes from the South Downs as well), and new to me, but has put together something epic and unrestrained. The LP is a mature and confident genre-crossing creation, and combines the best of Ben Frost's deliberate pace and tension with LFO/Mark Bell's intransigent ability to structure insistent beats. [The track on this show features a snippet of a Björk vocal, quite appropriately]. It's free, and I simply insist you download it now.

10-20 - 'Unde', 10-20, (Highpoint Lowlife)

• Gultskra Artikler - 'Zaraza proch!', Moreprodukt, (Nexsound) - free download LP

• Blaerg - 'Crepescular Harlotry', Dysphoric Sonorities, (Bottle Imp records) - free download LP

• Lukid - 'Isis', Onandon, (Werk)

• SoiSong - 'Jam talay saig', qXn948s, (Threshold house) [For more on SoiSong/Sleazy's latest stuff, check HERE]

• Bullion - 'Let's Go Away For A While', Pet Sounds: In the Key of Dee - AMAZING!!! free download LP!!

• Six Mullahs - 'Persian Lover', Frankfurt Trax vol2. - The House of Techno, (Frankfurt Trax)

• Nurse With Wound - 'Skapegoat', The Portable Altamont, (Shock)

• Faust - 'Der Baum', Tapes, (Virgin)

• Grouper - 'We've All Gone To Sleep', Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill, (Type records)

• iTal Tek - 'Escape', Terminator 2 NL009  ( - free download

• Kalup Lindsay - 'Fabulosity', Sampled and LeftOva LP,

• Burning Star Core - 'Le violon', web exclusive, free download

• FALSE. - 'Face the rain', 12", Fed On Youth 12" (Minus)

• Murkules - 'RDX Good Set', free download from Murkules' blog

• Donna Summer - 'Evil Doesn't Exist Anymore (featuring Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje)', Shamelessly Exciting, (Sonig)

• Studio 1 - 'Rot 2', Studio 1, (studio1)

• Lady Chann feat. Sticky - 'Your Eye Too Fast', free download from

• Hanuman - 'bola', (not on label) - Hanuman exclusive!!!!

• John Cohen - 'Lleave', Noise Pollution, ( - free download LP

• Kanye West / Unknown Souljah - 'Jesus Walks (Mashit mashup)' - free download from

• Black Ham - 'Necron', Urban Collision 12", (ruff / peaceoff)

• DJ Screw / BDP - 'Love's Gonna Get You In The End', Chapter 46 Syrup and Soda


Final bits of news:

Petrocollapse THIS WEDNESDAY (20th May) is proud to present TALIESIN (dutty artz / theagriculture). It's down at Tunnel1 in Aberdeen, 10-2, it's free entry, and there'll be drinx promotions. Wear Something Bright, bring a whistle, some maracas, get ready to get tipsy and to sway then shake then sweat. EVERSOHYPED about this one! You can grab some of Taliesin's mixes here and here (or even better, subscribe to the dutty artz podcast and get sounds from the whole fam).

Also this week - FRIDAY (22nd May), there's another heavy We Wear The Gold party going off in Sheffield. Rumour has it our ever-astounding scratch heavy DJ Wildabeast is going to grace the decks. Unmissable. Also top action from all the other WTTG catz: Derrick Tibbs, Dj Spuddah, Gag Rephlex etc.

AND AND AND AND AND a couple of BIG mixes that have been on heavy heavy heavy repeat in these earbuds recently: 

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