Thursday, April 09, 2009

run the rail

YuP, rx3 is on tour 'round the uk for real, so for any of y'all trying to tune in to Rob!Run!Reach! on t'radio, sorry like - back on air on the 21st April. I've hit leeds-shef-leicester-london-shef-swansea. I caught up with David Bryne, numerous philosophers, all saaaf laaandan crew, the sheffield crowd (+2 since Monday - congrats to Derrick Tibbs on the twindom!), last-fm realness (shouts!@sideb0ard), the inside of the Wenlock, the tiptop of Brockwell park, Brixton market (me & GBalmeR got Wire-themed t-shirts made), the first and worst classes of UK trains and the dancefloor of WeWearTheGold. Tonight: sushi, welsh-style.

Another CHARACTER on tour in the UK  (not now, NEXT MONTH: MAY): Taliesin from the Dutty Artz / Agriculture crowd. My headphones've been rockin his previous mix through every station in which I've been kicking heels, and he just got in touch with a new one. You should be grabbing this, and catchin him out on tour somewhere near you soon - details right after the image. [I previously said he was on tour in March - apologies!]

Taliesin - May UK Tour (with a quick trip to Austria)
02. Sibin Festival DUBLIN
09  The Old Bell DERBY
13  Hardknock at The Social LDN
15  Absolutely Free Festival Graz, Austria
16- Nuke Them All LDN
23- Cosies Bristol

It's a killer mix, right where I'm feeling music coming from right now. There's freshness from L-Viz 1990 (Night Slugs represent!) - he's on fire right now, definitely stole the night at Fabric a couple of weeks ago, and his productions are on the mon€y! There's solidity c/o EARTH - hell yeah, EARTH in the mix! And there's a remix of a track I haven't previously heard by Leif - you might know Leif from his amazing remix of that Burial track (better than the original imho), but I've kinda slept and not kept up with his output. Finally, some Taliesin-original-production action - one to watch! Yes, go out and watch him - playin near you UK. Get at it!

I gotta host of other bits that I wanna send at y'all, but I'll keep store some up for the next Rob!Run!Reach! - right now the only other thing that should qualify as this-minute-essential-listening is Shadetek's incomprehensibly raw 'Carbomb' riddim, as versioned by no less a vocalist than 77Klash, coming out as 'Pressure' (download here, h/t Jace). Shadetek and 77Klash and JahDan Blakkamore, you'll remember, put out the punishing 'Brooklyn Anthem', and this one's got the same explosive power (pardon the pun). I first heard it at c90 back in 2005 with Jammer, Skepta and Chronik on the mic, but the 77Klash vocal takes the grime-riddim and flow and ramps it up so it comes out sounding more like a proper JA gun-lyric toast, rather than just a patois-inflected pastiche. BIG!


Nick said...

Did you see that www.Mad are giving away an album by Toy Selectah? I've only skipped through a couple of the tunes so far, but it sounds worth putting in rotation...

Joe Ruckus said...

Cheers Nick - nope, slept on that. My .rss feeds are all stacked up with unread posts, including one over at yours. On my (multiple) way(s) now.

Nice one for sharing the word with the WHOLE r.r.r.readership, that's an extra twentyish downloads for Mr. Catchdubs then...