Friday, April 24, 2009

o prince, o, o

Scavenging, a sever. Tw1tt3r prompts - other people's lives are interesting when and only when they find the words. Example @kkingdomm
Some kids havin a rap battle on the train. One kid kinda spit like Cassidy the other one was a toasting. Lady next to me said "this is some YouTube shit."
I've ridden trains with tinny mp3grime coming out of phonespeakers, yoot pushin each other to try the flow, but in the uk we never get the kinda commentator kkingdomm's carriage got. There's this voice sayin "this is some CrimeWatch shit". I'm at odds with the narrators I keep hearing - I've said it before, I gotta get me a new narrative.

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The Rob!Run!Reach! radioshow was back on this week - a big lotta fun, genuinely pleasurable to play the rekkids listed below. And the SOUNDCLOUD box on the top right of this here blog channelled some tracks straight from their creators to the airwaves - let's keep that rollin, click it to send me your stuff: label promos, bedroom craftswomanship, whatever you're reppin.

BIG shouts to Bitslap for sending his 8-bit gameboy beats, unbelievably polished pure-nintendo productions. Granada Douba / Gnawledge / Canyon Cody linked me up to his/their stuff thatI'm gonna keep rolling over the coming weeks - you'll find the Knaan remix I played below linked up on his m1c3p@c3 page. Shouts to Bozzwell outa Hiem for sending their Roots Manuva-vocalled track, coming out on an LP shortly/this year. Big love to Thor at Highpoint Lowlife for sending the show the Tigrics stuff - new release gettin aired here next week. ALSO next week we've DJ DERRICK TIBBS' WeWearTheGold part2 MIX exclusive. It's a killah, super excited about his sound. Tune in next Tuesday, 9-11, for that and more...

• Noble Society ft 77Klash- 'The Swarm' (Dutty Artz)

• De Tropix - 'Oi', free download EP

• Rustie - 'Jay-Z Excuse Me Miss'

• Tigrics - 'Igrics', Synki (Highpoint Lowlife)

• Icarus - 'Keet', Sylt (Rump Recordings)

• Mark Morrison - 'Return of the Mack (tiny dread vs. sdp Sonido Martinez remix)', hi5 to whirringcat, h/t GenerationBass

• Omega Y Sambo Violente - 'Si No Me Ama', Mambo de Guerra 3, h/t todo mundo, LP available c/o him here

• Hermanos Barachas - 'Dia Libre', h/t GenerationBass

DJ /Rupture + Andy Moor - 'Our Enemies Have Watches But We Have Time', Patches (Unsuitable records)

• Knaan - 'ABCs (Gnawledge remix)', Granada Doaba, free download from the myspace

• Chris Gray - 'Chamomille', Vivid | Sensuality, free download LP

Bitslap - 'Cherryaid'

• Ron&Suzy - 'Salut Alain le Gros', (La Madame Avec Le Chien), free download mp3

Rumpistol - 'Dynamo', Dynamo (Rump recordings)

• ROMtmtmPARI - 'Fuzzfactory', View (Planet-mu)

• Venetian Snares - 'Labia', Filth (Planet-mu), h/t to roo at the wirewool

• Animosity & Drumcorps - 'Mobs Over Rob Me', Altered Beast EP, free download EP

• 77Klash ft Matt Shadetek - 'Pressure', (Dutty Artz), free download mp3

• Ghislain Poirier - 'Get Crazy', Soca Sound System (Ninja Tune), free download mp3 from rcrdlbl

• Animal Collective - 'My Girls (El Remolon Cumbia refix)', B-Sides (Zizek records), free download mp3s

• Hiem ft Roots Manuva - 'DJ Culture' (Crosstown Rebels?)

• Shake Aletti - 'The Way He Does (Toddla T remix)', free download from the myspace

• Zinc ft NoLay - 'Killa Sound', (Bingo), I found it here

• Douster - 'For Weirdos Only (Momma's Boy rmx), h/t to birthdaypartybelin

• Collie Budz - 'Blind To You (Haterz)', pick up the FREE Heavy Manners: Sizzla Fire Pon Dem mix made by Chris LemonRed

• Bounty Killer ft Angel Doolas - 'It's Time', DJ Kenny Uptown: Roots Culture Mix vol5


Nick said...
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Nick said...

[reposted without bad typos]

Really enjoyed this one, Joe -- some top class selections. LOVED the Mark Morrison remix, must revist the original.

Zinc: back when I was big into d&b, I rated him quite highly. What I liked about his best original productions --'ska', 'casino royale', 'fairfight' -- was always the drum programming, he seemed to have a way of lending a quite simple break some kind of swing, dunno how, something to do with the samples and some kind of clever highhat stuff. Raised some otherwise (bassline etc) generic stuff to a higher level. Felt the same about this tune you played -- all about the drum sounds. He also had a nice line in tearing remixes -- his Shook Ones remix is a monster floorfiller that I would still play to almost any crowd (

Oh yeah, the Drumcorps thing was crazy. Hah.

I could natter more, but I best get some work done...

notroy said...

Hey, yeah buddy, good stuff. Nick -see for a back-to-back of Mark's original vs the new; great skills.
Lovin it all, give 'em shit about the webchat stuff yeh?

Gnawledge said...

thanks for including the Knaan remix ... our full album is available for free download @

great mix ... peace! canyon