Thursday, March 05, 2009

We Ride Thing We

So yeah, like I keep saying, there's lotsa listenin to be got through. Coupla big shouts to be had righthererightnow as well:

A number 1DuttyArtz just got their man JahDan Blakkamore uppppppped here at xlr8r on the xlr8r podcast. This has COMPULSION written all through it like a sticka Blakkpool's finest. Matt Shadetek's densely-meshed green-stick fractured Brooklyn anthem gets reloaded under 3 different remixes, and all the while y'man JahDan (noble society) drops his heavy patois-inflected, Brooklyn-sensibility singjay style right on the money. Larj. Additional - an exclusive MttShdtk bassline rmx of THE defining cut off of JahDan's 'We Are Raiders' EP on dutty artz is over at recordlabel - killllaa quality. Have it. This one's gettin dropped right on the Aberdeen party crowd at the forthcomin' Petrocollapse Party (19th March). Plenty of time for y'man called JahDan over hear at rx3 - did some tour guiding last summer for him and dj/rupture after puttin them on at c90, genuinely astounded by his ability to direct pure energy into every event. Nothin negative about him, relevance and focus when it's needed, optimism and charity at every turn. And his music speaks himself clear, especially the closer to this set.

B number 2Taliesin from theAgriculture / DuttyArtz camps is touring out and about in the UK, so go catch the pashhhhhhhion in your locale - if he's near then get go get go. I linked up his mix a couple of posts ago, and yeah, here's some dates for MARCH, no doubt to be updated with more details on his mayspice. Rep the flavours, show the love!
1st MARCH09 London dates begin
2-6th MARCH09 Dublin/Ireland
9th MARCH09 Derby (s.yorks needs to be ON this)
23th MARCH09 Ruffnek Discotek Bristol (bristol reprezent!)
24th MARCH09 Glasgow
D number 4. BokBok and Manara just upped a new mix over at lowerendspasm, what they made for trash menagerie. Just in time for their forthcomin show (Friday) at Fabric with the T&B crowd - even if you ain't reachin it (and I'm travelling from the 'deen for this one), definitely get on the dl and get the flavour. Locale: Grimey House. I'm thinking it's more housey grime. Let me know.

Shouts to all and every!

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