Monday, March 30, 2009

thingA and thingB

So yesh, two single updatables in one.

Furst up
Lightness and Darkness: We Wear The Gold went like a dash - properly quick, very upbeat. Nice crowd: pretty, smiling faces - f.f.fresh music, lotsa bounce! The only downside on the proceedings came the succeeding morning, when a constable hofficer of the law proceeded to the venue to inform said venue owners that there had been nasal consumption of class-A unmentionables at the event. A slander - for those not in the knows, we're a clean crowd - but from whence, and why? 

Here's the outrage - it seems the SouthYorksPoliceConstabulary have a hotline camera installed above the dj booth (no doubt as some sort of venue-insurance / community-service / licencee blackmail scam), and that throughout the night an erstwhile bobby was employed to watch our medallion-wearing antics. A small, grainy and flickering b&w image of freshfaced youths bouncing in neon glow, stooped in focussed concentration over turntables, laptops, cdjs and record bags - yeah, I *guess* at a stretch you could imagine someone mistakenly thinking that they were banging out lines to hoover up, but it'd be a massive presumption. It seems that SYorks' finest won't release any footage - they just wanted the venue owners to know whatever it was that they figured that they'd learnt. So our loose party collective are faced with having to defend ourselves to the owners - "honest mate, we didn't, we wouldn't" etc. An unfounded accusation has been brought against us, and as a result we've gone down in the estimation of those with whom we were hoping to form a good relationship... Sux, freal.

I'm not at all sure about the legal grounds here - I certainly wasn't made aware that I was being broadcast live by a hotline to the fuzz, and I'm not sure whether the old bill are allowed to go around giving friendly-and-false tips that they've gleaned from the visual equivalent of gossip sourced by chinese whispers. Do the rozzers often share 'intelligence' with bar owners, and does it make any difference if they don't know that of which they speak? [Note: not just a failure of Knowledge, but also a failure of Justification: I think they'd be very hard pushed to argue that they have even prima facie warranted beliefs].

Part B
Lightness: Leafcutter John has launched a remix competition, via his blog, hosting files with highpointlowlife, which you should go and grab and reconstitute into something else. I'm gonna try and get on with it, hahaaa. In the meantime, headover, see what you learn.



Bomb said...

a truly great photo.

Anonymous said...

more will come of this, you mark my words...

Nick said...

Yo Joe

an email to come of WMC party report. But briefly in response to this:

The police (and other public bodies) are required by law (Data Protection Act) to give you a copy of any CCTV footage of yourself that you want within 40 days of you submitting a written request.

They are allowed to edit it to protect the identity of others, so some kind of joint request might be best here.

Check this to start:

Fight the power!

Nick said...

Oh, and RE the photo: I've long thought that it's between Durham and Newcastle for the best city views from the train (local bias? Nah). I think Newcastle wins if you're coming from the South and cross the Tyne on High Level Bridge rather than King Edward (as you appear to have done).

Does that count as trainspotting? Shit.