Thursday, March 19, 2009

Challenge particularly gripped

Yo yo yo! It's completely true to say that things are GETTING HOT. F'rinstance - I just got me a hold of a bunch of BIG mixes that I'm feelin' powerfully good about. [Wayne&Wax has a post about the phenomena of blog mixes here - get down the list he's got there, see how many you've got in common. I reckon I'm about 65-70% with him on the dl for that period...].
One: THE HEATWAVE return with another (makin this annual?) roundup of dutty dancehall bashment vibes. They say rowdy, I say hold on a minute, there's at least 7minutes of worship music in the middle there. Rowdy evangelism p'raps? Maximum fiyah power on the rest of the load!

Two: KKINGDOMM gets a mix together for Lower End Spasm. Just grabbed this, feelin it SO much. The transatlantic connection betwixt Kingdom and Bok-Bok&Manara is a flourishing success, well worth cherishing. Get pon it.

Three: DUTTY ARTZ have a podcast, only 2 so far, so far as I'm gettin them, but they're both hotness. The latest, most recentest, is a blend by Lamin of hip-hop tracks with credit-crunch connections - some killllller tunes in there, includin a Kano piece that blows up! JahDan Blakkamore does sing/shouts over the top, and there are some cute'n'deep aphrorisms spoken out by toddlers. That's the way to role to the dole! 2million unemployed in the UK? So that's 2million with enough time to listen to all these lyrical bombs. Right enough.

Four: slept on this, but SOOT records got a new signing, El Hijo de la Cumbia, and while there's an e.p. on its way you can get prepared by hittin up the mix he made of his (&related) digital cumbia stuff here [direct link - shouts to whatsupbuenosaires who originally posted it - go read more there!].  21minutes of hypnotic maracas and hip/waist/booty shakin rhythms. It's on constant rewind at rx3 right here.
Also so you remember, We Wear The Gold kicks off next Friday in Sheffield, and there are a bunch of hot mixes up on the mescpay player and for download, hopin you be grabbin to get yourself all ready for the launch.

But yeah, big right now is TONIGHT's PetroCollapse party. By way of preparation for it, this week's Rob!Run!Reach! radioshow involved me playin a big load of the sounds that we'll be shakin to tonight (El Hijo de la Cumbia's right in there). So yeah, nearly 2hours of music sourced from around the world, mixed up live and posted right here below. I'm also linkin all the places from whence I sourced it in case you wanted to hear the unmixed versions. SPREAD the LOVE.

(...) is the label if a known release, [...] is a link to where I got it, shouts to each and every!

• Keith Fullerton Whitman - 'Everything', audio track to a video of the same name

• Kuroma - 'In New York Everything Is Tropical (El Guincho Remix)', single (Green Label Sound) [thefader]

• Fauna - 'Canibal', ZZK Sound Vol.1 - Cumbia Digital (Zizek records) [le-gouter]

• Alborosie - 'Kingston Town (Uproot Andy mix)', Uproot Andy remixes [trash menagerie]

• Chancha Via Circuito - 'Cumbia Malembe' (Zizek records) [disco shawn]

• Gnawa Diffusion - 'Sabrina' Bab, el-Oued Kingston (Seven Colours Music) [Folk Music SMB]

• Djeneba Seck - 'Anka Mali Ba', Tigne (Mali K7) [masalacism]

• Young Dro - 'Rubberband Banks', Best Thang Smokin'

• Princesa - 'Con La Misma Moneda (Chancha Via Circuito remix)' (Zizek records) [disco shawn]

• El Hijo de la Cumbia - 'Soy El Control' [disco shawn]

• Fauna - 'Colorada' [synthetic rocks]

• Makaraka - 'Sakawaka' [synthetic rocks]

• El Hijo de la Cumbia - 'La Mara Tomaza', Freestyle de Ritmos [disco shawn]

• Villa Diamante - 'Daleduro vs. Princesa vs. Missy Elliott', Bailando Se Entiende La Gente [this whole mixtape and LOADS more at his page]

• Sonido Martines - 'Paper Guacharaca' [c/o disco shawn c/o Villa Diamante...]

• ODB vs. Uproot Andy - 'Brooklyn Cumbia' [trash menagerie]

• Frikstailers - 'Sudaka Invasor' [disco shawn again - would it surprise you to learn that he's literally at the cutting edge?] 

• Refusenik - 'Miss Bichera' [that's right, disco shawn puts out the good shit hisself on that diamond new label]

• Arcángel - 'Pa Que La Pases Bien', La Maravilla [synthetic rocks]

• Ravi B - 'Rum Is Meh Lover' [a gift from wtc]

• Faytinga - 'Buba' Eritrea [benn loxo du taccu]

• DJ Edjotronic feat. Spoek - 'Strongbow1'

• Bunji Garlin - 'Zum Zum' [a gift from wtc]

• Clipse - 'WampWamp (Starkey mix)' [discobelle from a while back, but the zshare might still work]

• Shystie feat. Sub Zero - 'Pull It (Bad Gyal Bass)' [scatterblog - they're new to me, lookin fresh!]

• Daleduro - 'BomBon Asesino', Bersa Discos #1, (Bersa Discos) [buy it! myspace]

• Uproot Andy - 'La Vida Vale La Pena', Bersa Discos #4 (Bersa Discos) [buy it! myspace]

• Rikki Jai feat. Macheal Montana - 'Mortar Mortar', Chutney Dancehall Hits 2005, [a gift from wtc]

The Count of Monte Cristal + Hervé - 'Jungle Step', [birthdaypartyberlin who got it from hotbiscuits]

• Dot Rotten - 'Grime and Bass', R.I.P. Young Dot

• Bass Boys feat. Tippa Irie - 'Hyper Hyper [Red Cat mix]', 12" []

• Sinden feat Collie Budz & Fabolous - 'Come Around', Jugglin' Machine #1 [theheatwave]

++++ a bunch of SlengTeng versions to finish off the show:

(i) Johnny Osbourne - Sleng Teng riddim

(ii) Baby Cham + Bounty Killer - Kill A Sound

(iii) Beenie Man - Off The Air

(iv) Wayne Smith - Under Me Sleng Teng


Gabriel Heatwave said...

it's true there's a little worship segment in there, but gospel and rowdiness are by no means mutually exclusive! :-)

For example check this video

Thomas Hodgson said...

So, I've had the hook from that Fabalous/Young Jeezy track in my head for a few days. Then I listened to the show last night and there it was...