Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Calling You The Cook Right Now

Yes yes yes yes. Back and affected! We've got a MASSIVE selection of tracks on this week's Rob!Run!Reach! on account of playin host to the awesome technics-juggling skills of Sheffield's DJ DERRICK TIBBS! He threw down a half-hour set of dancefloor essentials by way of introducing all of you listeners out there to the flavour of our new Sheffield night, WE WEAR THE GOLD:

WE WEAR THE GOLD is kickin itself into life on Fri 27th March at The Stockroom, Sheffield. Gonna be cheap or free to get in, maybe some drinks promotions, but hey, it's all about shakin yourself to the beeeeeat and losing all them inhibitions and dropping all that attitude. Hell, wear some crazy jewellery just 'cos you wanna. I'm packin my knuckles with some big old sovereigns, that's how we do.

Before and after Tibb's set I rolled out a BIG bunch of musics that I've harvested from tinterweb, and so if there's ANYTHING that catches your limited attentions then follow the french directions below to OWN IT for yourselves. SO MUCH good stuff!

Also want to reprezent a few other bits of free music. I'm off to catch the Trouble&Bass crew in LDN at the weekend, and they've put out a huge mix to hype the tour, grabbable here. Get on it [tracklists all over the internet, just google it]. AND you'll also see linked up below a free download album of digital hip-hop flavours called Bag of Nothingness - get on that too! Fresh!

Future weeks on the show: Rob Pollinate's gonna bring us a bit of his mixin styles, and I'm gonna do some live globalista workouts in preparation for a big party we're puttin on in Aberdeen in a couple of weeks. More on that to follow. Right now, click the download link below, get the show, get listening, and get clickin for all the free stuff I've linked up. I do it 'cuz I love you.

• Modeselektor - '200007 (Siriusmo remix)', Happy Birthday! Remixed vol3 [bpitchcontrol], merci à Masalacism

• Playero DJ - 'Memo y vale', Exitos 95, disponible ici

• Sun la Shan - 'Catch (disco devil remix), 12" [Radius records], crie à keytars&violins

• Don Augusto - 'Machines Never Die', Fun, Love and Computers [cockrockdisco], gratuit album complet ici

• Benny B Blonco - 'Wizard swing warrriors', Bag of Nothingness [error broadcast], free release! sorti libre!

• Tifa and Natalie Storm - 'Talk of the Town', Old Geezer riddim [ward 21 productions], généreusement distribués par theHeatwave ici

• Mikix the Cat - 'Freeze (kanji kinetic remix)', Freeze [Trouble&Bass], téléchargement gratuit ici c/o BirthdayPartyBelin

• Hostage - 'The Slave', Shake It [Nightshifters!!], saisissez-vous pour rien ici

• Freeform - 'Buddhistgroovemaster/mash'ta mix', Audiotourism. Reinterpreted  [Quartermass]

• 10-20 - 'nei', 10-20 [HighPointLowLife records], trouver et de garder à partir d'ici

• Mehmet Irdel - 'Realignment', unreleased, je l'ai eu ici de retour dans la journée


• agf - 'confusion dripping from me', process series modyfier blog exclusive (téléchargement gratuit!)

• Reggie Dokes - 'the afromation', The Afromation [psychostasia records]

• ooioo - 'ene soda', Kila Kila Kila [thrill jockey]

• Andy Stott - 'Black', Warrior Dubs [planet-mu]

• Monkey Steak - 'Sexypumpy', Ratatosk's Tree EP [sleazetone records]

• Durrty Goodz - 'Superhero', Ultrasound EP [awkward music], merci à Wirewool

• Venetian Snares - 'peeinq_yellow', 30 Days [Peppermill records], gratuit album complet ici

Kowloon Dreams - 'Metallic', unreleased

• Ill Inspecta feat. Lexie Lee - 'Bullet We A Fire' [Manslave records]

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Nick said...

I seem to be lagging a week -- only got round to upping this one yesterday. More Kirk action? I'm spoilt. There's something about old skool that gets me proper. When those first rave stabs dropped on the Tibbs mix, I actually mdae a small ejaculatory noise. Luckily, I was cycling by a busy road, not on the metro or some shit. Yeah, ill mix.

Nights look heavy. Have fun.