Monday, March 09, 2009

And It All Came Each

Yo yo yo yo.

Two parties and a hellalotta radio -  that is the news...

1) We Wear The Gold - there are now free downloadable mixes available from We Wear The Gold's mayspage, one's by yours truly, flexing some bootaaaaaayyyyeeeee music. Get yourself to Sheffield on Fri 27th for this one, it's gonna be a) big, b) free. HAaaHAHAA!

2) Petrocollapse - that's the party a week on Thursday up here in Aberdeen. Helll yeah, we KNOW the oil systems can't continue to support this city, but while they're here we're making the most of all the visitors from oil-rich nations to get our dance on. While it'd be tempting to roll afrobeat all night, really flog the Nigerian connect (cheers to BP!), I'm gonna be pushing a globalish flavour. 

3) And in preparation the next 2 shows of Rob!Run!Reach! on ASR are gonna be spent (10th - tonight! -  and 17th) airing the kinda sets I'm preparin for Petrocollapse. FURTHERMORE the show on the 24th March is by no means a return to normal service - my man Lovely Dave from Bristol is heading up to Baredeen to dash in the studio and share his ENORMOUS knowledge of everything with us. We're thinkin it'll be a post-punk, eno-ambient, eclectic beneath-the-pop-radar bag of richnesses. And after that you'll be ready to head to Shef for We Wear The Gold. Full circle. Have It.

1 comment:

Nick said...

Whut -- no RRR re-up?

No bother, busy boy I guess.

Mixes are a more than adequate subsitute. These nights sound like fun to the power of fun. "Dubious mixing" - love it. Wish I could be reaching either, or both. Never mind eh. Summer, perhaps.

Hope you tear them up...