Friday, February 20, 2009

Something sometimes something

OKkkk, so the thirteenth Rob!Run!Reach! aired on Tuesday. I know what you're thinking - how long does it take to boil potatoes? The answer might seem to depend on how many potatoes and how much water's involved, but in fact I think we can show that potatoes can act as a constant. On that note, I'd like to break it to y'all non-live (but not dead) listeners that I can't share the whole show this week, on account of only half of it recording. Gah, etc. Still, a lot of the GOOD stuff came in the first hour, and that's for real. It kicked off with a MASSIVE track from Kwaidan, and also includes some exclusive (and tremendous) Monkey Steak action. The recording fades out during I:CUBE, but I'm including the whole tracklist of the show below 'cos some of the other tracks were free downloads that I wanna link for y'all. Get clikkked:

• Kwaidan - 'Hoici', Kwaidan (HighPoint LowLife)

• Matthew Dear - 'Krist (Ceiling)', EP2 (ghostly international)

• Carl Craig and Moritz von Oswald - 'Three', Recomposed By... (Deutchse Gramophone / Universal)

• Sunken Foal - 'Folic Abandon', Fermented Condiments EP (Planet-mu)

• David Byrne - 'Big Business', 12" (Track Rabbit Suppers)

• Donna Summer - 'driezecassette', 20,000 Screaming Gay Fans Can't Be Wrong (8bit records)

• Scrotal Tear - 'Aubachons Implements', Nighttime Echoes (Bottle Imp records)

• Lloop - 'Conch', 60hertz (the agriculture)

• Love Station - 'Teardrops', Shinichi Osawa Real 2 step (Smej)

Monkey Steak - 'Warpath feat. Indi Kaur', Ratatosk's Tree EP (Sleazetone records)

Pan Pan Master - 'Fugiko Grandmpamini', c/o Boule A Facettes - props!

• i:cube - 'Un proton pour toi un neutron pour moi', Acid Tablet EP (Versatile)

• Sizzla - 'Rebellion', Rebellion riddim (dunno, sorry!)

• Prod - 'Shivers', The Artworks Formerly Known As Prints (Pollinate records)

• Audiophile Collective - 'sterephonic sasaswati processions', Do Not Spit Here And There (Audiofile Collective)

soundmann microphones audio demonstrations: track3 japanese lift

• Experimental Audio Research - 'Six', The Köner Experiment (mille plateaux)

• Maja Ratkje - 'trio', Voices (rune grammafon)

• Midi Fister - 'killmeifyouloveme', Subvert Punx 4-split (dtrash industries) - high five to Gutterbreakz!

• Jay Weathers and Lenny Future - Too Many Gals' (dunno the label, got it here via theheatwavers, props to them!)

• Taktik - 'krohm', Digital Gadget LP (Digital-gadget records)

• Wayne Smith - 'Walk like granny', Under Me Sleng Teng LP (Greensleeves)

• Dukeyman - 'Roof about to blow', Official Baltimore Club Classics vol1 (crosstalk) - gottit via BirthdayPartyBerlin - props!

• Gh0$tfac€ Ki||a ft. M!$$y - 'push', (Friends Of The RIAA)

• Lil'Wayne - 'Yes!', dunno, it's doing the blog rounds, I got it here

• Coil - 'It's In My Blood', The Ape of Naples, (Threshold house)

• Dembo_gama - 'Mensagem a luanda', Periférico (Sonic Arts Network)

• Zapan - 'Kin Kin Yu', 12" (fourth city)


James said...

some amazing stuff on all these shows, joe. 'big business' is a particularly startling choice, both cos of its quality and its obscurity.


Daniel said...

Thanks for including the Scrotal Tear track!

Joe Ruckus said...

@James - Thanks, glad you're enjoying it! Yup, that's a killer D.Byrne track. Off to see him live in about 6 weeks so I've been diggin' deep. The new LP's powerfully good.

@Daniel - I love yer label, love the output, love to spread the word! Those Blaerg releases were show-stopping! I've got bottle imp on heavy repeat - don't stop doin' what you do. Props.

Daniel said...

Thanks! Glad you are enjoying the releases. I've been getting a lot of positive feedback about the fact that we release edgy music in a variety of different electronic music styles or genres. It was an approach I was half afraid to take since I know so many labels that try to focus on extremely particular niches. So, I'm glad people are enjoying the dynamic nature of the different albums.

And I definitely agree, Blaerg is the man. I'm always impressed by everything he does.