Sunday, February 22, 2009

mld - sk

Yo, they got they illest gulls in Bristol, walkin-on-water skilled fowl, and only 1/8th the size of yer Doric-voiced crow-eaters. I'm iller, freal: vowel-less. I can make all the aspirated letters, but the rest are hopeless. All I can manage is a wspr. So yesnoshow this week - y'all gonna have to rob!run!reach! without me. Recommend you to rob-run-reach over to where enz just upped /rupture's recent live performance in brln. Essential listening, no class credit without it even if you got you a sick note.

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Nick said...

Bastard Blogger ate my comment!

One more time for the people:

Shame about the throatsick, hope you're back and barking for this week. Really enjoying this semester's run -- broadcast time is lecture time here, so you're my soundtrack on my long cycles round the city getting things done.

I could list all the choons I've liked, but that would be boring, eh? Extra special big ups for the "Kirk's Nightmare" remix a while back though. One of my favefavefave raveraverave records. Imagine dropping that in some field full of dayglo punters sometime in the early 90s. Dummies spat out of gurning gobs.