Thursday, February 05, 2009

Back and twice as good

For good read long, for good. Yeah, that's it, Rob!Run!Reach! is back on air on ASR, every Tuesday from nine 'til eleven. HELL yeah, two hours. The purpose? Not just to overexpose myself, I do that for a day job. Nah, instead it's cos there's LOADS planned for the coming weeks:
  • Sexclusives (sexy exclusives, see) from Monkey Steak's new RATATOSK'S TREE e.p. out on Chrissy Murderbot's new Sleazetone records! 2-stepping bassline biggggggness AHaHAhaha!
  • Techlusive (exclusive put together on technics, see) mix from Juliun c90, big daddah of extraordinary electronics and ruff dancefloor action
  • Discolusive (exclusive disco) mix from Our Ambrose.
  • Maxclusive (maximal exclusive) minimal mix from DJ Spuddah, recently been seen and heard holdin it down BIG at the indispensable and compulsive MoskowDiskow (surely one of the best parties in the country right now, if you can get to LDN then get there).
  • Nectasculsive (nectar + exclusive) mix from Pollinate records' head man Rob Pollinate, showcasing label newness.
  • Academixlusive (work it out) interview and discussion with Miriama Young, artist and lecturer in contemporary and experimental music.
Alright, there was a conceit in there that got past its prime pretty quick. Still, exciting stuff, n'est pas?

Let's cut to the good sheet. Music, 2hours of it, from Tuesday. I've put it up at 120kbps cos otherwise it's a MASSIVE file, so yeah, it's a more compact version, and there's more compression on the recording, but it's in my ears right now at top volume and I'm still rollllllling to the bass on that opener from Essentials. As ever, click them links to find the artists behind the music (and in some cases, the free versions, helllllll yeah):

Essentials - 'Get Over It', Stop The Decks vol1 *shouts to lower end spasm on linking my world up on this*

• Dot Rotten - 'MCs don't bother me', RIP Young Dot (DPP / ukrecordship)

• Low Deep - 'Imagine (feat Nastie)', Unsung (Colourful State)

• Hanadensha - 'acid river', Acoustic Mothership (Circle Sunshine Records) 

• Yesterdays New Quintet, 'Superstition', Stevie (Stone's Throw)

• Group Doueh - 'Tirara', Guitar Music from the Western Sahara (Sublime Frequencies)

• Christian Fennesz- '...plays Charles Matthews', 7" (Touch)

• Pansonic - 'Pakoisvoima / Fugalforce', KESTO(234.48:4) (Blast First)

• Baby Blak - 'Just Begun (Team Shadetek sik sht scritchmix)', 12" (Sound Ink)

• Clipse - 'Pop Champagne feat. Ab-liva', Road To Till The Casket Drops

• 4hero - 'Kirk's Back (For The Thiefs Mix)', 12" (Reinforced)

Man Machine vs Phuture  - 'Robot Spank'

• Numbers - 'The Blingus Cufflinks (Lexaunculpt remix)', Greatest Hits (tigerbeat6)

• Suncycle - 'Somebody', This Is An England Story (Souljazz)

• Cecile - 'Tell What Yuh Like', 7" [snowcone riddim] (All Access JA)

Filastine - 'Fitnah', Dirty Bomb (soot)

• Vampire Can't - 'Soft Canary', Key Cutter (Load Records)

• The Assdroids - 'My Girlfriend Reads Too Much', Daddy's Gone (Cockrockdisco)

• Ghédalia Tazartès - 'Transports2', Tazartès Transports (Alga Margen)

• Speedy J - 'Red Shift', 12" (plus8)

• Mike Ink - 'Rozengranz', 12" (Sakho)

• Hervé & Toddla T - 'Badman', Service Pack 01 (Machines Don't Care)

• Soundhack - A1Untitled, Soundhack#1 (Soundhack)

• Move D - 'Anne Will (Vincenzo remix)', Anne Will The Remixes part1 12" (Leibe*detail Spezial)

• Micah - 'Revelation (Matthew Herbert's Another Beat mix)', 12" (Accidental)

Goth Trad - 'Crunk Heads', Paranoia 12" (Pop Group)

• Otto Von Schirach - '25º46' x 80º23' feat. Mr Soundwave', 8000 B.C. (Schematic)

• Bonde Nervoso - 'Panico', Rio Funk (Colors Music)

• LFO - 'Freak', Sheath (warp)

• Dabrye - 'Making It Pay', Futurism Ain't Shit To Me vol1 (KYO)

Goth Trad - 'Back to Chill', Mad Raver's Dance Floor (Pop Group)

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