Sunday, February 22, 2009

mld - sk

Yo, they got they illest gulls in Bristol, walkin-on-water skilled fowl, and only 1/8th the size of yer Doric-voiced crow-eaters. I'm iller, freal: vowel-less. I can make all the aspirated letters, but the rest are hopeless. All I can manage is a wspr. So yesnoshow this week - y'all gonna have to rob!run!reach! without me. Recommend you to rob-run-reach over to where enz just upped /rupture's recent live performance in brln. Essential listening, no class credit without it even if you got you a sick note.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Something sometimes something

OKkkk, so the thirteenth Rob!Run!Reach! aired on Tuesday. I know what you're thinking - how long does it take to boil potatoes? The answer might seem to depend on how many potatoes and how much water's involved, but in fact I think we can show that potatoes can act as a constant. On that note, I'd like to break it to y'all non-live (but not dead) listeners that I can't share the whole show this week, on account of only half of it recording. Gah, etc. Still, a lot of the GOOD stuff came in the first hour, and that's for real. It kicked off with a MASSIVE track from Kwaidan, and also includes some exclusive (and tremendous) Monkey Steak action. The recording fades out during I:CUBE, but I'm including the whole tracklist of the show below 'cos some of the other tracks were free downloads that I wanna link for y'all. Get clikkked:

• Kwaidan - 'Hoici', Kwaidan (HighPoint LowLife)

• Matthew Dear - 'Krist (Ceiling)', EP2 (ghostly international)

• Carl Craig and Moritz von Oswald - 'Three', Recomposed By... (Deutchse Gramophone / Universal)

• Sunken Foal - 'Folic Abandon', Fermented Condiments EP (Planet-mu)

• David Byrne - 'Big Business', 12" (Track Rabbit Suppers)

• Donna Summer - 'driezecassette', 20,000 Screaming Gay Fans Can't Be Wrong (8bit records)

• Scrotal Tear - 'Aubachons Implements', Nighttime Echoes (Bottle Imp records)

• Lloop - 'Conch', 60hertz (the agriculture)

• Love Station - 'Teardrops', Shinichi Osawa Real 2 step (Smej)

Monkey Steak - 'Warpath feat. Indi Kaur', Ratatosk's Tree EP (Sleazetone records)

Pan Pan Master - 'Fugiko Grandmpamini', c/o Boule A Facettes - props!

• i:cube - 'Un proton pour toi un neutron pour moi', Acid Tablet EP (Versatile)

• Sizzla - 'Rebellion', Rebellion riddim (dunno, sorry!)

• Prod - 'Shivers', The Artworks Formerly Known As Prints (Pollinate records)

• Audiophile Collective - 'sterephonic sasaswati processions', Do Not Spit Here And There (Audiofile Collective)

soundmann microphones audio demonstrations: track3 japanese lift

• Experimental Audio Research - 'Six', The Köner Experiment (mille plateaux)

• Maja Ratkje - 'trio', Voices (rune grammafon)

• Midi Fister - 'killmeifyouloveme', Subvert Punx 4-split (dtrash industries) - high five to Gutterbreakz!

• Jay Weathers and Lenny Future - Too Many Gals' (dunno the label, got it here via theheatwavers, props to them!)

• Taktik - 'krohm', Digital Gadget LP (Digital-gadget records)

• Wayne Smith - 'Walk like granny', Under Me Sleng Teng LP (Greensleeves)

• Dukeyman - 'Roof about to blow', Official Baltimore Club Classics vol1 (crosstalk) - gottit via BirthdayPartyBerlin - props!

• Gh0$tfac€ Ki||a ft. M!$$y - 'push', (Friends Of The RIAA)

• Lil'Wayne - 'Yes!', dunno, it's doing the blog rounds, I got it here

• Coil - 'It's In My Blood', The Ape of Naples, (Threshold house)

• Dembo_gama - 'Mensagem a luanda', Periférico (Sonic Arts Network)

• Zapan - 'Kin Kin Yu', 12" (fourth city)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Take A Breath

Hell yeah, held it down for another 2 hours a couple of days ago. Here's the audio and tracklist, got more to tell you after it, but hey, get on this first (click on links to find the free music):

• Sonido del Principle - 'Cartagena', free download I found via Masalacism - props!

• Hot City - 'Yeah!', hpll031 (HighPoint LowLife)

Dj Darrell - 'Moneyright', unreleased

• Monkey Steak - 'History!', Ratatosk's Tree EP (Sleazetone records)

Matt Shadetek - 'Lily of the Valley', Flowers EP (unreleased / Dutty Artz?)

• Tom Central feat. Kaitain - 'Akama', keepup003 (Keep Up!)

• Benge - '1976 Yamaha cs80', Twenty Systems (Expanding records)

Monsieur Connard - 'Du Foot', Faineantise Comme Un Simple Offensive (Antisocial records)

Prod - 'Dizzy', Fashion Sickness (Dead Channel records) - shouts to Rob for the linkup!

• Princess MC - 'Pump Up The Funk', Fly Girls! V/A (Soul Jazz records)

• Class Action - 'Weekend [larry levan mix]', Dreams Come True V/A (Domino records)

• anonymous - 'b. Cunning Love', HATE003 (Hate)

• Neil Landstrumm - 'Ross Kemp as Pixel', Lord For £39 (Planet Mu)

• Starkey - 'Striking Distance', Ephemeral Exhibits (Planet Mu)

• Cardopusher - 'Milk Thistle', Milk Thistle 12" (Lo Dubs)

• Drop The Lime - 'Glock Box', Sky City Rising 12" (Broklyn Beats)

• Kid606 - 'Die Soundboy Die', Die Soundboy Die LP (tigerbeat6)

• Machines Don't Care - 'Beat Bang [Action man's tank trax remix]', Beat Bang 12" (Machines Don't Care)

• Errorsmith - 'track 1', errorsmith #1 LP (Errorsmith)

• Dwayne Sodaberke - 'Fjarilsfalu', Fjarilsfaul LP (Kningdisc)

• Ddamage - 'Insects Are Animals', Radio Ape (Planet mu)

Filastine - 'B'talla', Dirty Bomb LP (soot records)

• Faust & Dalek - 'T-electronique', Derbe Respect, Alder (Staubgold)

Nochexxx - 'Ritalin Love', unreleased

• [main] - 'xii', Firmament III (Beggars Banquet)

• Subterfuge - 'Unconscious World', 313 Detroit V/A (Infonet)

• AGF 'Loading / code in the noodle soup', Language Is The Most (Ars Electronica / Quecksilber)

• Giggs 'Walk In Da Park', Walk In Da Park LP (Spare Number 1)

• RDX - 'Ben Ova [wibble wobble]', don't know, but got it here from - props!

BIGNESS! I listened to it back (to get the tracklist sorted) and man, some MASSIVE tracks there. The HOT CITY track from the start is right up there with some classic sounds, feelin it a LOT - more highpoint lowlife next week! Also more from that forthcoming Monkey Steak EP next week - it's a KILLER release! And that was a heavy round of dubstep-related sounds, nice to flex those bitsa wax occasionally, don't think I could manage more than a half-hour of half-step these days mind you. HOWEVER, next week I'll play some bits off the brand new Lloops album out on TheAgriculture - illbient meatssssss dubstep. Fresh!

So yeah, there's even more sound to be found. I've been meaning to link up this for a while but didn't get 'round to it. Tally / Taliesin from dutty artz / TheAgriculture (lots of slashes - he's also a Budapest / NY resident) has put together a mix that is on heavy rotation on my various stereos (not everything's getting properly scrobbled for some reason). You can grab it here - do it, trust me !

Taliesin's Apricity Mix - Tracklist (non-stop GOLD imho):
  • NGUZUNGUZU - HATE2WAIT (Kingdom Refix)
  • "?????" - Kubo Remix
  • Dev79 - In Ya Face
  • CardoPusher - Low End Legacy
  • Vybz Kartel - Empire Army
  • Dead Prez - Politrikkks
  • Wisp - Whisper
  • Thark - Apatia
  • BD-1982 - Seeing Orange
  • Connor- Belles
  • Aleister Crowley - Gnostic Mass
  • Duran Duran Duran - Unholy Dracula Vagina Alien
  • Flying Lo - RobertaFlack (feat. Dolly)
  • David Banner - Shawty Say (feat. Weezy)
  • Saigon - Come on Baby (Inst.)
  • Mali - Pale Twop
  • Shit Mat - Big Ben's Big Remix
  • Jahdan Blakkamoore - Bus it Pon Dem
  • Small Professor - Kelis

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Up With The Times And Up With The Birds

I wandered out to the harbour wall. I saw a seagull eating a piece of crow. A wing. When it'd had enough for now it tucked the wing away for later. It tucked the folded black rag under its own wing and wandered towards the harbour wall.
He found a dead mole and slowly he took it apart
Then stared at the gobbets, feeling helpless.
He walked, he walked
Letting the translucent starry spaces
Blow in his ear cluelessly.
Another exclusive coming up for this week's show: newness from our man Invisible A's label Keep Up! - the exclamation's theirs, so let me add mine - newness!

I'm keeping up. Or starting to be getting there at last.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Back and twice as good

For good read long, for good. Yeah, that's it, Rob!Run!Reach! is back on air on ASR, every Tuesday from nine 'til eleven. HELL yeah, two hours. The purpose? Not just to overexpose myself, I do that for a day job. Nah, instead it's cos there's LOADS planned for the coming weeks:
  • Sexclusives (sexy exclusives, see) from Monkey Steak's new RATATOSK'S TREE e.p. out on Chrissy Murderbot's new Sleazetone records! 2-stepping bassline biggggggness AHaHAhaha!
  • Techlusive (exclusive put together on technics, see) mix from Juliun c90, big daddah of extraordinary electronics and ruff dancefloor action
  • Discolusive (exclusive disco) mix from Our Ambrose.
  • Maxclusive (maximal exclusive) minimal mix from DJ Spuddah, recently been seen and heard holdin it down BIG at the indispensable and compulsive MoskowDiskow (surely one of the best parties in the country right now, if you can get to LDN then get there).
  • Nectasculsive (nectar + exclusive) mix from Pollinate records' head man Rob Pollinate, showcasing label newness.
  • Academixlusive (work it out) interview and discussion with Miriama Young, artist and lecturer in contemporary and experimental music.
Alright, there was a conceit in there that got past its prime pretty quick. Still, exciting stuff, n'est pas?

Let's cut to the good sheet. Music, 2hours of it, from Tuesday. I've put it up at 120kbps cos otherwise it's a MASSIVE file, so yeah, it's a more compact version, and there's more compression on the recording, but it's in my ears right now at top volume and I'm still rollllllling to the bass on that opener from Essentials. As ever, click them links to find the artists behind the music (and in some cases, the free versions, helllllll yeah):

Essentials - 'Get Over It', Stop The Decks vol1 *shouts to lower end spasm on linking my world up on this*

• Dot Rotten - 'MCs don't bother me', RIP Young Dot (DPP / ukrecordship)

• Low Deep - 'Imagine (feat Nastie)', Unsung (Colourful State)

• Hanadensha - 'acid river', Acoustic Mothership (Circle Sunshine Records) 

• Yesterdays New Quintet, 'Superstition', Stevie (Stone's Throw)

• Group Doueh - 'Tirara', Guitar Music from the Western Sahara (Sublime Frequencies)

• Christian Fennesz- '...plays Charles Matthews', 7" (Touch)

• Pansonic - 'Pakoisvoima / Fugalforce', KESTO(234.48:4) (Blast First)

• Baby Blak - 'Just Begun (Team Shadetek sik sht scritchmix)', 12" (Sound Ink)

• Clipse - 'Pop Champagne feat. Ab-liva', Road To Till The Casket Drops

• 4hero - 'Kirk's Back (For The Thiefs Mix)', 12" (Reinforced)

Man Machine vs Phuture  - 'Robot Spank'

• Numbers - 'The Blingus Cufflinks (Lexaunculpt remix)', Greatest Hits (tigerbeat6)

• Suncycle - 'Somebody', This Is An England Story (Souljazz)

• Cecile - 'Tell What Yuh Like', 7" [snowcone riddim] (All Access JA)

Filastine - 'Fitnah', Dirty Bomb (soot)

• Vampire Can't - 'Soft Canary', Key Cutter (Load Records)

• The Assdroids - 'My Girlfriend Reads Too Much', Daddy's Gone (Cockrockdisco)

• Ghédalia Tazartès - 'Transports2', Tazartès Transports (Alga Margen)

• Speedy J - 'Red Shift', 12" (plus8)

• Mike Ink - 'Rozengranz', 12" (Sakho)

• Hervé & Toddla T - 'Badman', Service Pack 01 (Machines Don't Care)

• Soundhack - A1Untitled, Soundhack#1 (Soundhack)

• Move D - 'Anne Will (Vincenzo remix)', Anne Will The Remixes part1 12" (Leibe*detail Spezial)

• Micah - 'Revelation (Matthew Herbert's Another Beat mix)', 12" (Accidental)

Goth Trad - 'Crunk Heads', Paranoia 12" (Pop Group)

• Otto Von Schirach - '25º46' x 80º23' feat. Mr Soundwave', 8000 B.C. (Schematic)

• Bonde Nervoso - 'Panico', Rio Funk (Colors Music)

• LFO - 'Freak', Sheath (warp)

• Dabrye - 'Making It Pay', Futurism Ain't Shit To Me vol1 (KYO)

Goth Trad - 'Back to Chill', Mad Raver's Dance Floor (Pop Group)