Thursday, January 22, 2009


Here's how it goes:::: I've been on the run, but they caught me and brought me back. I've robbed run and reached Leeds, Sheffield, Longdan, Worthing, La France, Swansea, Bristol, Leicester, Sheffield, Leeds. Big up all the fambly that put up with me, gave me succor, sleep, food, wine, mpfrees, energy.

Coming soon - more radio, more fun. Some xclusives: Juliun c90, Ambrose c90, Dj Spuddah all puttin together mixes for the show - the show's starting up again next Tuesday (3rd). Plus I'm lining up some unique Aberdeen academic action that you gotta know about in a bit. Sheffield's set for a take over an'all, something PARTY this way comes: I wanna call it 'TRY ARE CHICKIN" but it's gonna go to a vote before it's named. "Are you going to Try Are Chickin tonight?" people'll say to each other. Y'get me?

Too much to tell, so it'll go untold. Hold yourself tight, winter ain't gone yet.

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