Thursday, December 18, 2008

Show You're Working

"I've got that one in the bag mate!" is something you hear less&less. We don't expect djs to take requests if they're doing something interesting - we're there to see what they reach for, so we don't ask. Or it's an 'event' (office party, website launch, whatever), the dj's doing nothing interesting, but he's got a system that's rigged to an archive of 15 gigabytes of nearly everything uninteresting ever, so we don't ask. Rich c90 had a memorable one playin a clubnight, straight up dubstep, when a girl says "I love this stuff, but it's my birthday, have you got any Lily Allen?" Cue bassuvius erupting, cue birthday-crowd queue to the door. Happy returns love.

Recently, wordthecat posted a question about the value of constant newness in music - he posted something old and something new. Then, in response and in echo, muddup! posted a question about the value of music once scarcity isn't an issue. Blissblog writes in the thewiremagazine's end of year round-up about the harmful effects of too-much; in particular, there being too many reissues. There's too much out there, and even the old(er) stuff's being kept new. I got some thoughts kreeping up on me, they take a while to reveal themselves, let's move on, we can come back to it. Plenty of time, nothing disappears.

So, to the Rob! Run! Reach! Radioshow from 2 weeks ago - late on getting this up, apologies to the faithful. Just to recap, so you remember what happened: 
I'm interested in hearing what you were up to. Rich was cooking fish. Some sorta white fish, an alternative to cod. Rob was installing updates on his computer. Will was cooking too. Bomb was falling asleep. That's just some of the listeners. What're you up to when you listen on the download? Radio connects, listeners get to experience specific durations at one temporal (and geographical) remove. Hit the comments below, tell us about your remove. One duration worth reissuing is that live show by Jammer, Skepta and Chronic, from back in 2005, with heavyweight Shadetek productions. Glad to have included that in this 'broadcast'.

Here's a file:

And here's a tracklist, click links to get more muzak child:

• Sleeparchive - 'ACID-BLEEP', Research EP [Sleeparchive 2005]

• Kardinal Offishall - 'Fast Fwd', Crunk And Grime [Semtex mixtape 2005]

• Telepathe - 'Chromes On It (Kingdom Remix)', Kingdom The Official Mixtape Vol. 2

Maga Bo - 'Beni feat. Mohammed Issa Matona', Archipelagoes [Soot 2008]

Atki2 - 'Mercury', Mercury EP [Domestic 2008]

Matt Shadetek - 'Carbomb Riddim (feat Jammer, Skepta, Chronik)', Live at c90 2nd December 2005 [Youtube footage here]

• Virgo - 'R U Hot Enough', Free Yourself 12" [Trax Records 1986]

• Speculum - 'Nympho (Mowgli mix)', Nympho 12" [Used and Abused 2007]

• Shut Up & Dance - 'Heaven On Earth', Reclaim The Streets [Shut Up And Dance 2006]

Winter North Atlantic - 'The Maid', [Giovanni Chrome]

• Barry Adamson - 'It's Business As Usual', Oedipus Schmoedipus [Mute 2006]

• Alexis Weak - 'Stang Av Techno' [La Vida Locash]

• D Double E - 'Lemon', D Double E Vol 1 []

• Francisco Lopez - 'Untitled #164', This Place Is Dreaming [K-RAA-K]

• Cauto and Amph - 'm', USB Lost & Found [Reboot / Disboot 2008]

• Pacheko - 'Green Bull (B Bull mix)', ThisTroy outtake [Mashit 2008]

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