Thursday, December 04, 2008

Need it more than want it

Besieged by technical difficulties this week. Whole lotta fun on the radio show (ASR for those not yet in the know) - shouts from all over the place, and equipment that kept failing. No studio recording, sadly, but I put the tracks together in a quick traktor mix early this morning for those of y'all who like to keep tabs on what's good. So yeah, none of my dulcet tones lulling you to tears, but a whole loada fresh music. Special mentions go to wirewool on the Modeselektor tip, wordthecat on his incredible Sarkozy&Carla screenplays and the kid606 tip, and  Benn Loxo du Tacu on the Faytinga tip - all a'them deserve further clicking. Also a massive shout to the anonymous donor that sent '4 New Soundz', played in the middle of this mix, a kind of To-Roccoco-Rot-meets-Battles-meets-Cluster sound, much respect!

Grab the mpfree here:


  • Soundmurder + Sk1 -  'Dreader than dread (remix)', Rewind 4 [Rephlex]
  • Adé - 'Change the world (shut up and dance remix)', [Shut Up and Dance 12"]
  • Ragga Twins - 'The Iron Lady', Ragga Twins Step Out [Souljazz]
  • Some Water and Sun - 'Snowbreaker (dabrye remix)', History is Bunk part 1 [Hefty Records]
  • Dot Rotten - 'MCs don't bother me', RIP Young Dot [GPP /]
  • Laurence Rassel & Terre Thaemlitz - 'Useless movement', The Laurence Rassel Show [Ultra-Red free release]
  • Vorpal - 'Gymnopédie (mothbox remix)', The End, Ep and Remixes [Cockrockdisco free download]
  • kid606 - 'Can't stop a stepper', Die Soundboy Die [tigerbeat6 / very friendly]
  • Unicomuzik - 'track 4', Unicomuzik/Unicojazz []
  • Unknown mystery artist - 4 New Soundz track 1
  • Richard Youngs - 'Part I', Garden of Stones [No Fans CDR 2005]
  • Modeselektor - 'The Black Block (Rustie remix)', Happy Birthday! Remixed Part 2 [BPitch Control 2008]
  • 8 Frozen Modules - 'Heartbeat of a Dog', The Confused Creator [Trance Syndicate 1997]
  • Monsiur Connard - 'Fou', Souvenirs Elastiques' [Audioactivity free release 2006]
  • Faytinga - 'Buba', Eritrea [Cobalt/Melodie]

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notroy said...

Hey buddy,

Nice stuff! Full score on effort as well; mixing a second time to keep the downloads going. I missed this one and was gutted when you said it hadn't recorded.

Keep the sounds coming.