Thursday, November 27, 2008

I know no other way

Two shouts to kick us off:
  1. Our man in Spain, Dix, and his crew got some Samuri fm action: Plat du Jour presents K**O: Trapped In The Closet. Hit 'em up for a listen. Pull quotes include:
    The Spaniard's encyclopedic knowledge of all things Bassline, Grime and oh-so UK is enough to put 1Xtra's entire DJ base to shame! He's a regular contributor to Serie B magazine, he looks set to release Spain's first ever homegrown Baltimore record and his eclectic mixes are causing a stir amongst the heads. Don't sleep on Basque's finest!

  2. Our man in Sheffield, Wildabeast c90, has started a wine blog. Nothing stuffy about it, he's all about getting the wine to complement whatever wasted state he's in when he rolls in from one of our raves, e.g. hungary. Contributions welcome.
Over to this tuesday's show on ASR, I got cut off at the end by the time-limiter (licence til 10) mainly cos the guys playing trance before me locked me out and ran over. huh. None to shabby set mind you: coupla things sent in by listeners (Ez$, Hiem), always much appreciated so hit me up if you wanna send stuff, big shouts and thanks to those that did! Also got my hands on a copy of Bullion's 'Get Familiar' which came out over the summer but somehow slipped through my fingers, totally enjoy that one, made to be LOUD. Have it (links take you to artists and/or free releases if they're free online...):

  • Maggotron - 'I'm Looking For A Queen', The Bassman of the Acropolis
  • EZ$  - 'Baby Dubsteps' [unreleased] + MC Zulu 'Truthfully' [mashit] (JoeRuckus triple r edit)
  • Bullion - 'Get Familiar', [One-Handed 7"]
  • Yoshio Machida - 'A Bird In The Sun', Hypernatural [ltd release]
  • Hiem - 'Nightflyte (feat Kate Jackson) Coma Koln remix' [unreleased]
  • Yorgle - 'gge', [Lamadameaveclechien free release]
  • The Soft Pink Truth - 'Satie (Grey Corduroy Suit)', Do You Party? [soundslike]
  • Earl Sixteen - 'Real Love', Sons Of Jah [?]
  • Kingdom - 'Dance It Off (ft. Telfar and Melissa Burns)', The Official Mixtape Vol. 2 [$download]
  • Ed Case - 'Something In Your Eyes', [unit five 1999]
  • Timeblind - 'egyptian chicago', garage band [crucial-systems free download]
  • Donna Summer - 'Paintball commando', To All Methods Which Calculate Power [cockrockdisco download]
  • si-cut.db and Full Swing + / vs. Stephan Mathieu und Douglas Benford - 'divpops.stage', Reciprocess + / vs.2 [fällt / bIP-Hop]
  • Dev/Null - 'zombie sunset', Necrobestial Sadobreaks [cockrockdisco free download]

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