Tuesday, October 14, 2008

RuckusRadioShow#3 - only bit of a recording...

Got through some tasty tunes, but the damn wiretap couldn't record the whole show - strugglin with my memory or something... Anyhoo, here's the mp3 and tracklist of what I played, only the first four songs made it into the audio... Sorry like.

  • Rampage - ‘Big Breath’, [Nightshifters] *
  • Rob Threezy – ‘WGTMUB’, [Nightshifters] *
  • Stirling Void -  ‘Serve It Up’, [DJ International] *
  • Supersilent -  ‘c-4.1’, [rune gramaphon] *
  • Kohn – ‘Song For Leeds’, [K-raak-­3]
  • Alva Noto - ‘U-0-8.1’, [Raster Noton]
  • Unknown, ‘not for nothing’, [unreleased CDR called ‘Songs for the Left-Handed’]
  • Elephant Man -  ‘No Tickle’, [theHeatwave.co.uk]
  • Tricky (South Rakkas Remix) ‘Council House’, [Stage Three Music]
  • Unknown – ‘Pretty Boys Don’t Survive Up North (GFTUA mix)’, [HATE 002]
  • Paavoharju -  ‘Kevatrumpu’, [fonal]
  • Ghedalia Tazartes -  ‘Transports2’, [alga margen]
  • Muslimgauze -  ‘days and nights in no mans land’, [muslimlim]
  • DJ Scotch Egg – ‘Scotch Hausen’, [Adaddat / Wrong]
The * indicates that you'll hear it on the mp3. So what you won't hear are the shout-outs from made later on, which included: 

  • big-F.f.f.f.f.fresh!! to the new Nightshifters label for putting out some ggggggreat rekkids...
  • big-up to theHeatwave.co.uk crew for posting the Benny Hill riddim (that Elephant Man track). They've got a party this Friday (17th Oct) with Durrrty Goooodz - definitely one to check if you're in the LDN area.
  • big-love to Nick in Miami for tuning in and letting it be known - transatlantic baby, yeah!
  • big-respect to the unknown person who sent in a great CDR simply titled 'Songs for the Left-Handed', beautiful stuff - yes! send in your stuff!
  • big-thanks to Hush Hush at Club Optimo, Aberdeen, for puttin on Dexplicit at the weekend - that was a great show, lookin forward to Skream and then Bok Bok and Manara over the next few weeks / months, hellllll yeahhhhhh.


notroy said...

Gahh! Only 17 minutes! Good use of 17 minutes tho.

Hey - I listened to this from Tokyo last week; your show is truly international!

Biggup for next (this) week's show. Just lookin at a coupla track suggestions for future shows...


Nick said...

Alrighty Joe,

missed this one and this weeks cos of, y'know, daytime things to do. Shame about the recordings. Curious: that HATE002 thing, does the title come from a vocal sample? Cos I have an old hip hop record with that curious lyric on it... [dredges memory]... Intelligent Hoodlum, 'Arrest The President', about 1990, classic Q'bridge Marley Marl shiznit.

I loves sample spotting. Even if I'm behind the fact sometimes. I was listening to some early 90s house the other day... A DSK choon came up... 'What Would We Do?'. Ahhh... gotcha, eskiboy.

better do some work now, hey?

big love,