Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Hellllll yeah, we back. "Rob! Run! Reach!" is my new radio show on ASR, every Tues, 9 while 10 pm gmt (that's 2100-2200). Streams into yer iplayer and/or through yer browser and/or wotnot.
Have an mpfree of the show:
Have a tracklist:
  • Joe Ruckus - 'r!r!r!theme' 
  • Gultskra Artikle - ‘Razmer Nosa 46’, Please Do Something (2003) [Please Do Something]*
  • Velvet Shadows - ‘Dubbin & Wailin’, Trojan Dub Explosion (1995) [Trojan]
  • BLÆRG - ‘Crepuscular Harlotry’, Dysphoric Sonorities (2008) [Bottle Imp records]*
  • Big Picture - ‘BP010806.bgp’, Improvised Music From Japan, Disc 2 (2001) [Improvised Music From Japan]
  • Actress - ‘Lost (Actress's Bjorn Borg Edit)’, Hazyville (2008) [Werk disks]
  • Young Tiger - ‘At The Coronation’, London Is The Place For Me, 1950-56 [Honest John’s]
  • Wiley/Beenie Man / The Heatwave - ‘Wearing My Rolex’ (versions) (2008)*
  • Lethal Bizzle - ‘Pow’ (2004) 
  • Zomby - ‘Hench’, Where Were U In '92? (2008) [Werk disks]
  • Dot Rotten - 'This Year', R.I.P Young Dot (2008) [GPP]
  • Theo Parrish - ‘The Rink’, Sound Sculptures Vol1 (2007) [Sound Signature]
  • Nortt - ‘Hedengangen (Intro)’, Nortt/Xasthur (2004) [Southern Lord]
  • Oates - ‘The Clap’, The Spirit of Beige Volume 1 (1997) [Beige Records]*
  • Tarwater - ‘All Of The Ants Left Paris’, Animals, Suns & Atoms (2000) [Kitty Yo]
  • Makka Diamond feat. Marlene - ‘Money O’, Bionic Ras Riddim (2005) [South Rakkas]
  • DJ C - ‘Since You've Been In This Club (Kelly Clarkson vocal mix + Sasha Frere Jones)’, Mas Hits (2008) [Mashit]*
  • Brian Eno - ‘Here Come The Warm Jets’, Here Come The Warm Jets (1973) [Editions EG / Virgin]
  • seven minutes of silence
* indicates it's a free download, so follow the relevant links. I've not linked all the artists, 'cos discogs and myspace can do a lot for you.

Hit up the comments below or the micepays if you wanna get in touch: git yer stuff played son! Bring It!

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Nick said...

Yeah Joe, loving this, top selection. I will try to listen 'live' and fulfill your plaintive requests for emails sometime. Not tomorrow, stuff on in the mid-pm - which is what 9-10bst is here...

Tuneage: like yer own theme, like the Werk stuff, Tarwater and 'Fwd' right blasts from my pasts... and Eno at the end. Smart. Do you remember the band named after that record? The Warm Jets? They were rubbish. I have a couple of their 7"s somewhere.

Keep it coming mate. Some Miami bass for me? Or B'more would do. If you can find a radio edit... heh.