Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rowdy Rowdy Wordy

I was morose all summer, it wouldn't be banished. It snowed yesterday—I found it hard to conjure my morosity. I did reduce myself to near-tears twice this week. I will persevere at such reductions, lest I lose the ability to nearly-tear.

Smaller loops sound better than bigger loops. Bigger loops slap puddle water against the ankle— smaller loops sit pert&alert upon the tongue.



  • Claude Vonstroke - 'The Whistler', Beware of the Bird [Dirty Bird 2007]
  • Smith N Hack - 'Space Warrior', (12") [smithnhack 2007]
  • MMM - 'Casiotone from the Vaults', 10th Anniversary EP [mmm 2008]
  • Paleface feat Kyla - 'Do You Mind', (12" ) [Northern Line records 2008]
  • Man&Man - 'Kids (Gaetan pinpantop remix)', unreleased
  • A1 Bassline - 'It's A Lot', unreleased
  • Machinefabriek - 'Zucht', (12") [white label 2007]
  • Kardinal Offishall - 'Maxine', Quest for Fire : Firestarter vol1 [MCA 2001]
  • CDR - 'Shit Ambient', [free CockRockDisco LP download]
  • Samory - 'Sur Le Champ De Bataille', CIA HISTORY part 2 [free download LP]
  • Dj Darrell - 'Booty So Fat', unreleased
  • Juiceboxx and Dre Skull - 'Centre stage (Curses! remix)', (12") [Vicious Pop 2007]
  • Dj Pinch - 'Battered (instrumental)', Underwater Dancehall [Techtonic 2007]
  • Coil - 'Red birds will fly out of the east and destroy paris in a night', Music To Play In The Dark [Chalice 1999]
  • Ghislain Poirier - 'Complementaire De Bleu', Mutek 02 [Mutek 2002]
  • Max de Wardener - 'Automata', Where I Am Today [Accidental 2004]


Nick said...

Chin up old chap.

Yer photo is funny.

Show's on the DL now for this pm's cycle to school

nice one!


notroy said...

Hey buddy,

Good to hang with you this last weekend. Stay with it, stay real.

Missed yer show (rubbish!) 'cos of work (rubbish!) but taking it away with me next week to provide some much needed comfort on my travels. Haven't worked out the time difference yet - hopefully listen in next week? If not then DL again for the journey back. Stick at it.

Rob (running & reaching)