Friday, October 24, 2008

Lost And Foundering

Tonight we're runnin the c90 thing in Sheffield: LAKUTI, ACTRESS and c90 djs. Bit late on mentioning it here, but hey, if it makes you go click links and learn more about these guys then the timing's not the thing. 

LAKUTI is part of the süd electronic family outa London; along with partner in crime Portable, she hosts some legendary underground parties all over the capital. ACTRESS is the label boss of über-different werk discs - they strive to put out something sounding unlike the last release every time. They too run killer parties in the big Smoke. ACTRESS has a new LP coming out real soon, 'Hazyville', definitely one to be pickin up if you're up for some Detroit-inspired electronica.

Other news: I did a radio show this week, but the recording is, frankly, gash. It's got a big loud hum all over it. Shame, 'cos I played stuff that I thought y'all might wanna hear. But I did manage to dig out a full recording of last week's show (where I thought I only had 17mins of it down). So here's a mpfree of that:

And here's a tracklist for the show that didn't get committed to ones and zeroes, but with some links so you can grab some proper parts of it for yerself...
  • Mr Oizo - 'Echo Depth Finders On The Air (bonus track)', Moustache (Half A Scissor) [F Communications]
  • COM.A feat. Wicked Act - 'No Heathen (Ghetto Plasma Remix)' Various [Shockout]
  • Kim Cascone - 'Black Gun Red', Ikebana: Merzbow's Amlux Rebuilt, Reused and Recycled [Important Records]
  • Beatwife - 'Virtual Love Cell', Virtual Love Cell [Entity Records]
  • Rough Americana - 'Feriano', Metallum Gravis [Rough Americana]
  • Radicalfashion - 'Shunpoudoh', Odori [Hefty]
  • Cardopusher - 'Voice Mail Bomb', Rules Of Anger 12" [Ruff]
  • Chipmunk - 'A Milli Freestyle', Guess Who? mixtape [Chipmunk - Guess Who Download]
  • Various Production - 'Pintman'
  • Eskiboy - 'Class of 07', Umbrella vol.1
  • El-B - 'Express'
  • Dub Melitia - 'Bullet'
  • Zulu / T2 - 'Bodybroken (Steak House remix)' [mashit download]
  • Dexplicit - 'Bassline Ecstasy'
  • Skream - '2D', Skreamizm vol.4 [Tempa]
  • DJ Donna Summer - 'Hoovermore' [BirthdayPartyBerlin download]

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Thomas Hodgson said...

Hi Joe. I enjoyed this, it's always fun to hear music I wouldn't have thought to buy myself.