Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rowdy Rowdy Wordy

I was morose all summer, it wouldn't be banished. It snowed yesterday—I found it hard to conjure my morosity. I did reduce myself to near-tears twice this week. I will persevere at such reductions, lest I lose the ability to nearly-tear.

Smaller loops sound better than bigger loops. Bigger loops slap puddle water against the ankle— smaller loops sit pert&alert upon the tongue.



  • Claude Vonstroke - 'The Whistler', Beware of the Bird [Dirty Bird 2007]
  • Smith N Hack - 'Space Warrior', (12") [smithnhack 2007]
  • MMM - 'Casiotone from the Vaults', 10th Anniversary EP [mmm 2008]
  • Paleface feat Kyla - 'Do You Mind', (12" ) [Northern Line records 2008]
  • Man&Man - 'Kids (Gaetan pinpantop remix)', unreleased
  • A1 Bassline - 'It's A Lot', unreleased
  • Machinefabriek - 'Zucht', (12") [white label 2007]
  • Kardinal Offishall - 'Maxine', Quest for Fire : Firestarter vol1 [MCA 2001]
  • CDR - 'Shit Ambient', [free CockRockDisco LP download]
  • Samory - 'Sur Le Champ De Bataille', CIA HISTORY part 2 [free download LP]
  • Dj Darrell - 'Booty So Fat', unreleased
  • Juiceboxx and Dre Skull - 'Centre stage (Curses! remix)', (12") [Vicious Pop 2007]
  • Dj Pinch - 'Battered (instrumental)', Underwater Dancehall [Techtonic 2007]
  • Coil - 'Red birds will fly out of the east and destroy paris in a night', Music To Play In The Dark [Chalice 1999]
  • Ghislain Poirier - 'Complementaire De Bleu', Mutek 02 [Mutek 2002]
  • Max de Wardener - 'Automata', Where I Am Today [Accidental 2004]

Friday, October 24, 2008

Lost And Foundering

Tonight we're runnin the c90 thing in Sheffield: LAKUTI, ACTRESS and c90 djs. Bit late on mentioning it here, but hey, if it makes you go click links and learn more about these guys then the timing's not the thing. 

LAKUTI is part of the süd electronic family outa London; along with partner in crime Portable, she hosts some legendary underground parties all over the capital. ACTRESS is the label boss of über-different werk discs - they strive to put out something sounding unlike the last release every time. They too run killer parties in the big Smoke. ACTRESS has a new LP coming out real soon, 'Hazyville', definitely one to be pickin up if you're up for some Detroit-inspired electronica.

Other news: I did a radio show this week, but the recording is, frankly, gash. It's got a big loud hum all over it. Shame, 'cos I played stuff that I thought y'all might wanna hear. But I did manage to dig out a full recording of last week's show (where I thought I only had 17mins of it down). So here's a mpfree of that:

And here's a tracklist for the show that didn't get committed to ones and zeroes, but with some links so you can grab some proper parts of it for yerself...
  • Mr Oizo - 'Echo Depth Finders On The Air (bonus track)', Moustache (Half A Scissor) [F Communications]
  • COM.A feat. Wicked Act - 'No Heathen (Ghetto Plasma Remix)' Various [Shockout]
  • Kim Cascone - 'Black Gun Red', Ikebana: Merzbow's Amlux Rebuilt, Reused and Recycled [Important Records]
  • Beatwife - 'Virtual Love Cell', Virtual Love Cell [Entity Records]
  • Rough Americana - 'Feriano', Metallum Gravis [Rough Americana]
  • Radicalfashion - 'Shunpoudoh', Odori [Hefty]
  • Cardopusher - 'Voice Mail Bomb', Rules Of Anger 12" [Ruff]
  • Chipmunk - 'A Milli Freestyle', Guess Who? mixtape [Chipmunk - Guess Who Download]
  • Various Production - 'Pintman'
  • Eskiboy - 'Class of 07', Umbrella vol.1
  • El-B - 'Express'
  • Dub Melitia - 'Bullet'
  • Zulu / T2 - 'Bodybroken (Steak House remix)' [mashit download]
  • Dexplicit - 'Bassline Ecstasy'
  • Skream - '2D', Skreamizm vol.4 [Tempa]
  • DJ Donna Summer - 'Hoovermore' [BirthdayPartyBerlin download]

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

RuckusRadioShow#3 - only bit of a recording...

Got through some tasty tunes, but the damn wiretap couldn't record the whole show - strugglin with my memory or something... Anyhoo, here's the mp3 and tracklist of what I played, only the first four songs made it into the audio... Sorry like.

  • Rampage - ‘Big Breath’, [Nightshifters] *
  • Rob Threezy – ‘WGTMUB’, [Nightshifters] *
  • Stirling Void -  ‘Serve It Up’, [DJ International] *
  • Supersilent -  ‘c-4.1’, [rune gramaphon] *
  • Kohn – ‘Song For Leeds’, [K-raak-­3]
  • Alva Noto - ‘U-0-8.1’, [Raster Noton]
  • Unknown, ‘not for nothing’, [unreleased CDR called ‘Songs for the Left-Handed’]
  • Elephant Man -  ‘No Tickle’, []
  • Tricky (South Rakkas Remix) ‘Council House’, [Stage Three Music]
  • Unknown – ‘Pretty Boys Don’t Survive Up North (GFTUA mix)’, [HATE 002]
  • Paavoharju -  ‘Kevatrumpu’, [fonal]
  • Ghedalia Tazartes -  ‘Transports2’, [alga margen]
  • Muslimgauze -  ‘days and nights in no mans land’, [muslimlim]
  • DJ Scotch Egg – ‘Scotch Hausen’, [Adaddat / Wrong]
The * indicates that you'll hear it on the mp3. So what you won't hear are the shout-outs from made later on, which included: 

  • big-F.f.f.f.f.fresh!! to the new Nightshifters label for putting out some ggggggreat rekkids...
  • big-up to crew for posting the Benny Hill riddim (that Elephant Man track). They've got a party this Friday (17th Oct) with Durrrty Goooodz - definitely one to check if you're in the LDN area.
  • big-love to Nick in Miami for tuning in and letting it be known - transatlantic baby, yeah!
  • big-respect to the unknown person who sent in a great CDR simply titled 'Songs for the Left-Handed', beautiful stuff - yes! send in your stuff!
  • big-thanks to Hush Hush at Club Optimo, Aberdeen, for puttin on Dexplicit at the weekend - that was a great show, lookin forward to Skream and then Bok Bok and Manara over the next few weeks / months, hellllll yeahhhhhh.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Hellllll yeah, we back. "Rob! Run! Reach!" is my new radio show on ASR, every Tues, 9 while 10 pm gmt (that's 2100-2200). Streams into yer iplayer and/or through yer browser and/or wotnot.
Have an mpfree of the show:
Have a tracklist:
  • Joe Ruckus - 'r!r!r!theme' 
  • Gultskra Artikle - ‘Razmer Nosa 46’, Please Do Something (2003) [Please Do Something]*
  • Velvet Shadows - ‘Dubbin & Wailin’, Trojan Dub Explosion (1995) [Trojan]
  • BLÆRG - ‘Crepuscular Harlotry’, Dysphoric Sonorities (2008) [Bottle Imp records]*
  • Big Picture - ‘BP010806.bgp’, Improvised Music From Japan, Disc 2 (2001) [Improvised Music From Japan]
  • Actress - ‘Lost (Actress's Bjorn Borg Edit)’, Hazyville (2008) [Werk disks]
  • Young Tiger - ‘At The Coronation’, London Is The Place For Me, 1950-56 [Honest John’s]
  • Wiley/Beenie Man / The Heatwave - ‘Wearing My Rolex’ (versions) (2008)*
  • Lethal Bizzle - ‘Pow’ (2004) 
  • Zomby - ‘Hench’, Where Were U In '92? (2008) [Werk disks]
  • Dot Rotten - 'This Year', R.I.P Young Dot (2008) [GPP]
  • Theo Parrish - ‘The Rink’, Sound Sculptures Vol1 (2007) [Sound Signature]
  • Nortt - ‘Hedengangen (Intro)’, Nortt/Xasthur (2004) [Southern Lord]
  • Oates - ‘The Clap’, The Spirit of Beige Volume 1 (1997) [Beige Records]*
  • Tarwater - ‘All Of The Ants Left Paris’, Animals, Suns & Atoms (2000) [Kitty Yo]
  • Makka Diamond feat. Marlene - ‘Money O’, Bionic Ras Riddim (2005) [South Rakkas]
  • DJ C - ‘Since You've Been In This Club (Kelly Clarkson vocal mix + Sasha Frere Jones)’, Mas Hits (2008) [Mashit]*
  • Brian Eno - ‘Here Come The Warm Jets’, Here Come The Warm Jets (1973) [Editions EG / Virgin]
  • seven minutes of silence
* indicates it's a free download, so follow the relevant links. I've not linked all the artists, 'cos discogs and myspace can do a lot for you.

Hit up the comments below or the micepays if you wanna get in touch: git yer stuff played son! Bring It!