Monday, July 07, 2008

Dutty Artz @ c90

Yo yo yo yo yo

So we're ffffffffeelin' summer right here. In the droppin rain we're droppin science. In particular, we're hosting DUTTY ARTZ in Sheffield. You already know, but Dutty Artz is a new label run out of New York by Matt Shadetek and DJ/rupture. They're putting out an edgy, itchy, restless sound - dancefloor fever meets urban intensity meets international timbres and temperatures.

The big news on Dutty Artz is the just-released e.p. from JahDan Blakkamore, "We Are Raiders" [buyable]. For me, the hit track is 'Go Round Payola', a topical tropical vibe, it's got a big hook, this fresh, bright lo-fi synth lick, and a footloose jerky rhythm, feels like a soundtrack to a sped-up video montage of comedy thieves escaping on camels across a desert. But then over the top comes Mr. Blakkamore, raising up a plaintive voice, mixing up the conscience-style singing with lyrical pulse that's comfortably at home in grime circles. Big tune.

JahDan Blakkamore's featured on some BIG Dj Premier cuts, and you'll know him from some classic hiphop action, including Afu-Rah's 'D&D Soundclash' and Sound Bwoy Burial by Smif&Wesson. Big tunes, big sounds, and the big man's coming to Sheffle, along with dj/rupture on 3deckles, and longtime c90-comrade Hanuman. It's all being pumped loud through Sequoia's massive dub system (the one they brought for our Maga-Bo show this time last year), and the Sequoia boys are gonna start the evenin blaze off with a round of their freshly mined roots&cultcha sound. Big? Big.

Run the poster:

For those of you reading this off a blackberry, here's what the beautifully crafted miniature text says:

c90 soundclash: HEAT BECOME HONEY
NY Tropical meets UK Bashment

dj/rupture [dutty artz / soot]
– dexterous urban dancefloor turntablist / polymath

Jahdan Blakkamoore [dutty artz]
– grime MC meets Rasta sufferation singjay from the streets of the city that never sleeps

Hanuman [werk / punchdrunk / death$ucker]
– bassline Balkan beats, klezmer confusion and heavyweight raggadancehall frenzy

Sequoia Sound System [cold up norf]
– huge boxes of heavy dread

Sat 19th July, The Shakespeare, 9pm-1am
£4 - how do we do it? genius, you know it


Bear said...
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notroy said...

run! dance! /rupture!

notroy said...

borrowed poetry...

Pete Sasqwax said...

Dude, this was a decade ago! Awesome times!