Saturday, April 26, 2008


Just a quick thing - I'm going out live on a slot on ASR (aberdeen student radio) this monday (28th) from 3pm til 4pm. Hot Hot Hot right? Yes Yes Yes. Fun Fun Fun. It'll be recorded and I'll up and re-up the results for yous who can't listen live. It's streamed from ASR and on the local fm frequencies but I guess that ain't much use to most a you all huh. 

Tune in / download to hear me screaming in a dark room over the top of something unpredictable, including the latest release on soot records by Maga Bo - a 12" (the first of several?) featuring tracks from his 'Confusion of Tongues' LP [buyable].

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Gabriel Heatwave said...

nice, will try and tune in at work...