Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Bass Off

We're doing another party - details below -  and in celebration of all things compulsively dancefloor, things with a certain bass heaviness, and also 'cos I won't be there to help you bring the madness, you should grab this really ugly-borne ruffed-up mix and get prepared for some mayhem when any of these tracks drop:

1. Idonia - "Hot Fuck" (on 77klash's Swarm Riddim) [Dutty Artz]
2. Burial - "Archangel" (Leif remix)
3. Proxy - "Decoy" [Turbo recordings]
4. Loefah feat DJ Assault - "Ruffage / Ass'n'Titties" (wordthecat remix)
5. Matt Shadetek - "Warm Hearts Turn To Cold" [Dutty Artz web exclusive]
6. AC Slater - "Bassline Time"
7. Kasia - "Over You" (Dexplicit Remix)
8. Mala - "Alicia"

Notice that label 'Dutty Artz'? Well it's oooooold news but Matt Shadetek and dj/rupture got themselves a new label/family/enterprise/city, and very generously sent out promo material that I kept intending to blog about... Dutty Artz just welcomed ldn's wordthecat as a featured blogger. It's all shapin up somethin beautiful. 

As is our next party in shef. You wanna see a poster by Go_Sheffo? And more details? Bring it on, son...

We've been keepin to our corner of the playground, gathered round a stereo, heads down. Over near the hopscotch them boys with the big trainers started playing electro out of a boombox. We're walkin over there, they step up, and we're watchin each other, close up. One of them shrugs in his jacket, twitchin his skinny frame to the beat. Yeah, those malignant ROUGH DISKO kids really gone done it this time.

Instead of settling this the old-fashioned way, throwin some shapes up in each others faces, gettin all techtonik, we're stepping to the same rhythm, falling into sync, whirling legs round, all jumpstyle. Strength in numbers, that's right, together we’re throwing up THE BASS OFF for a heavy sound clash.

The ROUGH DISKO team (cut to JIMPOTENT, GAG REFLEX and THE LONDON WICKER since BOB FUNKHOUSE’s sad departure to the smoke, although word on the bite-yer-fkn-face-off-book says he'll be in effect) are purveyors of electro, house, bassline, house, techno, ghetto tech and booty shaking business. December saw the ROUGH DISKO Djing/gymnastic team display aerobics both on the floor and behind the decks. The wonk levels were jacked up to 98 with help from South London’s finest purveyers of crunking electronics dragged straight from the gutter, ZOMBIE DISCO SQUAD.

where - Penelopes, Sheffield
when - Friday, February 15th
what - 10.30 while 4
damage - £4

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