Thursday, December 18, 2008

Quiet Becoming

Hell yeah, two posts in as many hours. Catchin up on the backlog, stockin yer audio pantries ready for the cruel, quiet weeks ahead. I'm going to link a load of mixes, for two reasons:
  1. They're all amazing
  2. You're probably going to spend quite a lot of time either a) on trains, buses, planes etc, or b) having to 'do' stuff, like cook and eat and talk to elderly people, so you don't really want to have to make a conscious effort to pick out music for yourself. You'd rather just press play on an hour long thing and go with it.
So here's what's new on RuckusRuckusRuckus non-brand-specific chipped-and-broken audio playback device:
  • NIGHTSHIFTERS! Hell yeah, mentioned them a couple of weeks ago. They've got their first proper big release - HOSTAGE's  "Shake It" EP. They've got a free download to one of the tracks, so here's a direct link to Hostage-The Slave.mp3 - starts off like a bassheavy bmoresque piece of club action, but then the serious rave stabs kick in. The whole EP should go on your list of things to buy once you've cashed that xmas cheque from Grandma.
  • Ok, so that wasn't a mix, spotted it huh. But also c/o NIGHTSHIFTERS I downloaded this DJ Donna Summer 'NightMix', which he made for Dj earlier in November. Rx3's a longterm fan of the man behind ad&d, cockrockdisco, birthdaypartyberlin, not only for his solid commitment to party-harding, but also 'cos of this release, which still astounds. The NIGHTMIX is how you wish your new year party could sound, only your new year party's gonna be a limp affair, just like every year. Stay in, listen to this instead.
  • Yep, I played some Timeblind a coupla weeks ago (get the show here). I mentioned then that he had a counterpart to his essential Fauna mix - he's got loads of music up here and you should listen to it all without delay. Actually, delay a while, because first you should listen to his brand new FLORA mix. An angular selection of deep and slightly meditatively-flavoured dub-related sounds, I'm thinkin of lockin into this when the pain of public transport can't be diluted - a retreat to a somewhere in which concentration comes easily and is richly rewarded.
  • Grevious Angel posts a four-four selection, 4x4Hell, touching an energy that might constitute the roots-of-bassline, back before it new it could be a Niche of its own. The mix drifts to a territory that I'd have casually filed under post-Hype breakbeat instrumentals, and so I'm hitting rewind to the top. The vocal rubs are the money for me. As ever, John digs that bit deeper and goes that bit further.
  • Highpointlowlife's Sideboard and Moore got a new EP up for your consideration, 'A Garrison Of Two'. Interesting hauntology backstory to it - Arts Organisation Funds Musicians To Have Interesting Experience - don't tell the Daily Mail etc.
  • Ok, and finally, over at Rob!Run!Reach! we had ourselves a festive breakcore celebration show. I've been buying this stuff from rare&racy and dswat over the last 8 years, and although many feel like it's had its heyday (notable exception being the Bristol scene), I still love it for its (occasionally mindless) ability to make me feel Big and Powerful.. Haah, only kidding. Nope, it's all about absolution in the rave. Legitimation by elimination. So the final thing for you to download is just below. Notes on this: Jon was cooking and eating comfort chicken while it was being broadcast.


• Bong-Ra - 'Coke Sniffah', Stereotype Heroin Hooker EP (Reduced Phat 2006)

• Bong-Ra - 'Orgie van Vuurzee', Soldaat van Oranje LP (Sublight/Mirex)

• Aphasic - 'Junkfunk', We Are Junk 12" (Junk records)

Monkey Steak - 'Big Up Yourself (Monkey Steak Remix feat. Scorpio)', Monkey Steak vs. Parasite EP (Death$ucker 2005)

• GoGo Goddess - 'Bounce Me', GoGo Goddess EP  (Kool.Pop recordings)

• Kid606 - 'Wickid (gabber recharge mix)', Wickid 12" (Bangarang / PeaceOff)

• Rotator - 'Make It Ruff', Ravior EP (Dross:tik 2005)

• Aaron Spectre - 'Alien vs. Rodigan', Evil Most Foul EP (Death$ucker 2005)

• DuranDuranDuran - 'Ralez', BlowJobBreaks EP (Mutant Sniper / PeaveOff 2006)

• DJ Floorclearer - 'Roger's Massive Armpits', Roger's Massive Armpits EP (Death$ucker 2006)

• SocietySuckers - '7,000,000,000', KarlMarxStadt 2001-2004 (Lux Nigra)

• Venetian Snares - 'Dollmaker' Doll Doll Doll (Hymen 2001)

• Jason Forrest - 'Song For My Grandmother', Ladies Get In Free split EP (Broklyn Beats 2004)

• Curtis Chip - 'Boatshow', Ye Olde Barn Compilation (Addict Records)

• Drop The Lime - 'Rad Girl Killy', Killy 123 EP (Tigerbeat6)

• Shitmat - 'Nuff Respect', Rave Like A Headless Chicken split EP (Wrong Music 2007)

• Drumcorps - 'Down', Live and Regret (CockRockDisco 2007)

• JoeRuckus - live at c90 11th March 2006 - hahahaa, exclusive!!!!!!!

Show You're Working

"I've got that one in the bag mate!" is something you hear less&less. We don't expect djs to take requests if they're doing something interesting - we're there to see what they reach for, so we don't ask. Or it's an 'event' (office party, website launch, whatever), the dj's doing nothing interesting, but he's got a system that's rigged to an archive of 15 gigabytes of nearly everything uninteresting ever, so we don't ask. Rich c90 had a memorable one playin a clubnight, straight up dubstep, when a girl says "I love this stuff, but it's my birthday, have you got any Lily Allen?" Cue bassuvius erupting, cue birthday-crowd queue to the door. Happy returns love.

Recently, wordthecat posted a question about the value of constant newness in music - he posted something old and something new. Then, in response and in echo, muddup! posted a question about the value of music once scarcity isn't an issue. Blissblog writes in the thewiremagazine's end of year round-up about the harmful effects of too-much; in particular, there being too many reissues. There's too much out there, and even the old(er) stuff's being kept new. I got some thoughts kreeping up on me, they take a while to reveal themselves, let's move on, we can come back to it. Plenty of time, nothing disappears.

So, to the Rob! Run! Reach! Radioshow from 2 weeks ago - late on getting this up, apologies to the faithful. Just to recap, so you remember what happened: 
I'm interested in hearing what you were up to. Rich was cooking fish. Some sorta white fish, an alternative to cod. Rob was installing updates on his computer. Will was cooking too. Bomb was falling asleep. That's just some of the listeners. What're you up to when you listen on the download? Radio connects, listeners get to experience specific durations at one temporal (and geographical) remove. Hit the comments below, tell us about your remove. One duration worth reissuing is that live show by Jammer, Skepta and Chronic, from back in 2005, with heavyweight Shadetek productions. Glad to have included that in this 'broadcast'.

Here's a file:

And here's a tracklist, click links to get more muzak child:

• Sleeparchive - 'ACID-BLEEP', Research EP [Sleeparchive 2005]

• Kardinal Offishall - 'Fast Fwd', Crunk And Grime [Semtex mixtape 2005]

• Telepathe - 'Chromes On It (Kingdom Remix)', Kingdom The Official Mixtape Vol. 2

Maga Bo - 'Beni feat. Mohammed Issa Matona', Archipelagoes [Soot 2008]

Atki2 - 'Mercury', Mercury EP [Domestic 2008]

Matt Shadetek - 'Carbomb Riddim (feat Jammer, Skepta, Chronik)', Live at c90 2nd December 2005 [Youtube footage here]

• Virgo - 'R U Hot Enough', Free Yourself 12" [Trax Records 1986]

• Speculum - 'Nympho (Mowgli mix)', Nympho 12" [Used and Abused 2007]

• Shut Up & Dance - 'Heaven On Earth', Reclaim The Streets [Shut Up And Dance 2006]

Winter North Atlantic - 'The Maid', [Giovanni Chrome]

• Barry Adamson - 'It's Business As Usual', Oedipus Schmoedipus [Mute 2006]

• Alexis Weak - 'Stang Av Techno' [La Vida Locash]

• D Double E - 'Lemon', D Double E Vol 1 []

• Francisco Lopez - 'Untitled #164', This Place Is Dreaming [K-RAA-K]

• Cauto and Amph - 'm', USB Lost & Found [Reboot / Disboot 2008]

• Pacheko - 'Green Bull (B Bull mix)', ThisTroy outtake [Mashit 2008]

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Need it more than want it

Besieged by technical difficulties this week. Whole lotta fun on the radio show (ASR for those not yet in the know) - shouts from all over the place, and equipment that kept failing. No studio recording, sadly, but I put the tracks together in a quick traktor mix early this morning for those of y'all who like to keep tabs on what's good. So yeah, none of my dulcet tones lulling you to tears, but a whole loada fresh music. Special mentions go to wirewool on the Modeselektor tip, wordthecat on his incredible Sarkozy&Carla screenplays and the kid606 tip, and  Benn Loxo du Tacu on the Faytinga tip - all a'them deserve further clicking. Also a massive shout to the anonymous donor that sent '4 New Soundz', played in the middle of this mix, a kind of To-Roccoco-Rot-meets-Battles-meets-Cluster sound, much respect!

Grab the mpfree here:


  • Soundmurder + Sk1 -  'Dreader than dread (remix)', Rewind 4 [Rephlex]
  • Adé - 'Change the world (shut up and dance remix)', [Shut Up and Dance 12"]
  • Ragga Twins - 'The Iron Lady', Ragga Twins Step Out [Souljazz]
  • Some Water and Sun - 'Snowbreaker (dabrye remix)', History is Bunk part 1 [Hefty Records]
  • Dot Rotten - 'MCs don't bother me', RIP Young Dot [GPP /]
  • Laurence Rassel & Terre Thaemlitz - 'Useless movement', The Laurence Rassel Show [Ultra-Red free release]
  • Vorpal - 'Gymnopédie (mothbox remix)', The End, Ep and Remixes [Cockrockdisco free download]
  • kid606 - 'Can't stop a stepper', Die Soundboy Die [tigerbeat6 / very friendly]
  • Unicomuzik - 'track 4', Unicomuzik/Unicojazz []
  • Unknown mystery artist - 4 New Soundz track 1
  • Richard Youngs - 'Part I', Garden of Stones [No Fans CDR 2005]
  • Modeselektor - 'The Black Block (Rustie remix)', Happy Birthday! Remixed Part 2 [BPitch Control 2008]
  • 8 Frozen Modules - 'Heartbeat of a Dog', The Confused Creator [Trance Syndicate 1997]
  • Monsiur Connard - 'Fou', Souvenirs Elastiques' [Audioactivity free release 2006]
  • Faytinga - 'Buba', Eritrea [Cobalt/Melodie]

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I know no other way

Two shouts to kick us off:
  1. Our man in Spain, Dix, and his crew got some Samuri fm action: Plat du Jour presents K**O: Trapped In The Closet. Hit 'em up for a listen. Pull quotes include:
    The Spaniard's encyclopedic knowledge of all things Bassline, Grime and oh-so UK is enough to put 1Xtra's entire DJ base to shame! He's a regular contributor to Serie B magazine, he looks set to release Spain's first ever homegrown Baltimore record and his eclectic mixes are causing a stir amongst the heads. Don't sleep on Basque's finest!

  2. Our man in Sheffield, Wildabeast c90, has started a wine blog. Nothing stuffy about it, he's all about getting the wine to complement whatever wasted state he's in when he rolls in from one of our raves, e.g. hungary. Contributions welcome.
Over to this tuesday's show on ASR, I got cut off at the end by the time-limiter (licence til 10) mainly cos the guys playing trance before me locked me out and ran over. huh. None to shabby set mind you: coupla things sent in by listeners (Ez$, Hiem), always much appreciated so hit me up if you wanna send stuff, big shouts and thanks to those that did! Also got my hands on a copy of Bullion's 'Get Familiar' which came out over the summer but somehow slipped through my fingers, totally enjoy that one, made to be LOUD. Have it (links take you to artists and/or free releases if they're free online...):

  • Maggotron - 'I'm Looking For A Queen', The Bassman of the Acropolis
  • EZ$  - 'Baby Dubsteps' [unreleased] + MC Zulu 'Truthfully' [mashit] (JoeRuckus triple r edit)
  • Bullion - 'Get Familiar', [One-Handed 7"]
  • Yoshio Machida - 'A Bird In The Sun', Hypernatural [ltd release]
  • Hiem - 'Nightflyte (feat Kate Jackson) Coma Koln remix' [unreleased]
  • Yorgle - 'gge', [Lamadameaveclechien free release]
  • The Soft Pink Truth - 'Satie (Grey Corduroy Suit)', Do You Party? [soundslike]
  • Earl Sixteen - 'Real Love', Sons Of Jah [?]
  • Kingdom - 'Dance It Off (ft. Telfar and Melissa Burns)', The Official Mixtape Vol. 2 [$download]
  • Ed Case - 'Something In Your Eyes', [unit five 1999]
  • Timeblind - 'egyptian chicago', garage band [crucial-systems free download]
  • Donna Summer - 'Paintball commando', To All Methods Which Calculate Power [cockrockdisco download]
  • si-cut.db and Full Swing + / vs. Stephan Mathieu und Douglas Benford - 'divpops.stage', Reciprocess + / vs.2 [fällt / bIP-Hop]
  • Dev/Null - 'zombie sunset', Necrobestial Sadobreaks [cockrockdisco free download]

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Defective Diction

Yo - so I'm back after a bit of radio silence. What's new? Two recordings below, one from the night that Obama stormed the White House (before the result was known), and one from last night. The radioshow tracklists are building up, and they're starting to suggest patterns, including the following interests:

i) blood-temperature, occasionally-stifling drone sounds
ii) awkward, angular, bass-driven, electronic club music
iii) a lickle bitta JA for spice
iv) snippets of words which don't fully reveal their sense/reference

I've known for a while that this is where I live. Welcome back.

Other news. Gutterbreakz directs attention to the fact that Ed DMX Krew is doing some podcasting. I've grabbed 'em both so far, definitely recommend a listen - he's got real deep love for dance music — I met Ed at a clunge event in Sheffield back in April last year (they've now got a party called sulpHate that's lookin hottttt), where he was playing with Richard H. Kirk, and he talked passionately and intelligently about electronic music for a long time. In fact, the show he played seemed to be much the smaller part of the overall experience, and he seemed somewhat more interested in the discussion than the performance... He's got an admirable disdain for those who overemphasise genre boundaries, and a similar disregard for those who put scenes before music... But having said that, he's also got a very direct and certain knowledge of what gets filed where and with whom. And all of this comes across as he narrates his own musical biography, in fact, yeah, his podcast quite a lot like listening to a really interesting audio-book about a particular way of discovering a love for dance music. He's also a bit of an autodidact, particularly wrt physics. Go click!

What else new? I went to see BokBok&Manara at HushHush in Aberdeen, and they threw down a tasty tasty tasty set of bassline/niche/ghettofunk flavours. Some dubstep anthems in there, and the Aberdeen massive roared at every one of 'em, but my money was on the bounce'n'flex more than the dread'n'stomp. Both had recently been in NY, spinning records with T&B, Jace's Mudd Up! show, and at a party with Kingdom. They commented on how NY just doesn't have the roots in 2-step that we've got over here in the UK, so I guess playing a set there has to guide the audience in to the dancefloor using different hooks - hip-hop-related praps, crunk vocals and wotnot?

On the radar:

Hell yeah, Duuurrrrtttyyyy Goooooodzzz in the ADBN. Nice. Down at Origin on Thursday 27th - that's next week. He's probably one of the hottest grime mcs around at the moment (also on the list: Dot Rotten, Trim, +Giggs? - not sure, still in two minds about Giggs...). JahDan Blakkamore from the dutty artz camp has just been doing some tracks with Goodz, lookin forward to seein what'll come of it.

Ok, news done. Let's skip to the musics. Like I said, two shows, one from two weeks ago, one from yesterday. I had a lot of fun picking the tunes, hopefully there'll be something you like. Follow the links below to find FREE music - a lot of what's being played on the show has been made available as a free download by the artists/labels involved...

• Us - 'Let's Do It Today (unreleased full version)', Midwest Funk [jazzman]
• Cdatakill - 'Respirator', The Six Stigmata EP [zhark]
• To Rococo Rot & I-Sound - 'For A Moment',  Music Is A Hungry Ghost [city slang]
Monsieur Connard - 'contexte (s)', Faineantise comme simple offensive [antisocial 2008]
• Glowstyx - 'Aethema Remix', Class Of 1992 [cockrockdisco 2007]
• David Sylvian - 'A Fire In The Forest', Blemish [samadhisound]
• Joker - 'Grimey Princess', kapsize ep [earwax 2007]
• Davinche, 'Buzz Light Year (Spooky Bizzle Refix)', Spooky Party Package vol1
• The Books - 'Read, Eat, Sleep', Thought For Food [tomlab]
• Disrupt - 'bomb 20', Foundation Bit [werk 2007]
• Ulf Lohmann - 'The Dreams You Dread', On Frozen Fields [kompact]
• Jetone - 'Mtl Bass',  Ultramarin [force inc.]
• Utabi - 'Lighpotllution', Manchurian Candy [Adaadat]
• Maga Bo - 'Longa Nahawand feat. Mohammed Issa Matona', Archipelagoes [soot 2008]
• Supercat - '?', Don Dadda [Columbia]
• Tsehaytu Beraki - 'Atzmtom Keskisom', Selam

• Starkey - 'Pressure', Ephemeral Exhibits [planet-mu]
Mustard Pimp - 'Oh la la Satan', Satan Ep
The Very Best (Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit) - 'Wena',  The Very Best Mixtape
Yannis Kyriakides - 'rai singer/ electrician', Wordless [Unsound]
Re-Up Gang - '20k Money Making Brothers on the Corner', We Got it For Cheap Vol. 3
• Jahdan Blakkamoor - 'Buss it Pon Dem (prod. Chancha Via Circuito)',  We Are Raiders EP [Dutty Artz]
__Gnawa__  - 'Betterave'
• Tears For Fears -  'Shout (On Off On Remix)' 
• Actress - 'Lets Fly', Eroberung der Maschinen mit Stimme [werk]
• Lukid - 'Isis', Onandon [werk]
nicolasTone - 'Mono 3', I'm Tone Deaf (musicpourlessourds) [TRHP]
• Flo Dan - 'Big Mic Man'
• Drop The Lime - 'Get On It', Shot Shot Hearts EP [tigerbeat6 2006]
Ladyscraper - 'Hooke', The Death of Mary Poppins [cockrockdisco]

Friday, November 07, 2008

Future Thought

[unfortunately I have not performed a sufficient level of revision to pass this exam]

Just a quick link thing: BBC Radio 3 has a new series of spoken essays featuring new 'next generation' thinkers - upcoming young academics who present work from their field. AND last night's essay was given by a friend, Zoe Drayson, from the University of Bristol, talking about the philosophy of mind, specifically the 'embodied mind' hypothesis. Definitely recommend a click to hear it streamed (next seven days only), she's super clear and interesting. Head here to hear. Full-time media punditry beckons for Zoe, make sure you heard (of) her already. Zoe's page is here.

update: download available here (zshare, 14m32s, 20MB).

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rowdy Rowdy Wordy

I was morose all summer, it wouldn't be banished. It snowed yesterday—I found it hard to conjure my morosity. I did reduce myself to near-tears twice this week. I will persevere at such reductions, lest I lose the ability to nearly-tear.

Smaller loops sound better than bigger loops. Bigger loops slap puddle water against the ankle— smaller loops sit pert&alert upon the tongue.



  • Claude Vonstroke - 'The Whistler', Beware of the Bird [Dirty Bird 2007]
  • Smith N Hack - 'Space Warrior', (12") [smithnhack 2007]
  • MMM - 'Casiotone from the Vaults', 10th Anniversary EP [mmm 2008]
  • Paleface feat Kyla - 'Do You Mind', (12" ) [Northern Line records 2008]
  • Man&Man - 'Kids (Gaetan pinpantop remix)', unreleased
  • A1 Bassline - 'It's A Lot', unreleased
  • Machinefabriek - 'Zucht', (12") [white label 2007]
  • Kardinal Offishall - 'Maxine', Quest for Fire : Firestarter vol1 [MCA 2001]
  • CDR - 'Shit Ambient', [free CockRockDisco LP download]
  • Samory - 'Sur Le Champ De Bataille', CIA HISTORY part 2 [free download LP]
  • Dj Darrell - 'Booty So Fat', unreleased
  • Juiceboxx and Dre Skull - 'Centre stage (Curses! remix)', (12") [Vicious Pop 2007]
  • Dj Pinch - 'Battered (instrumental)', Underwater Dancehall [Techtonic 2007]
  • Coil - 'Red birds will fly out of the east and destroy paris in a night', Music To Play In The Dark [Chalice 1999]
  • Ghislain Poirier - 'Complementaire De Bleu', Mutek 02 [Mutek 2002]
  • Max de Wardener - 'Automata', Where I Am Today [Accidental 2004]

Friday, October 24, 2008

Lost And Foundering

Tonight we're runnin the c90 thing in Sheffield: LAKUTI, ACTRESS and c90 djs. Bit late on mentioning it here, but hey, if it makes you go click links and learn more about these guys then the timing's not the thing. 

LAKUTI is part of the süd electronic family outa London; along with partner in crime Portable, she hosts some legendary underground parties all over the capital. ACTRESS is the label boss of über-different werk discs - they strive to put out something sounding unlike the last release every time. They too run killer parties in the big Smoke. ACTRESS has a new LP coming out real soon, 'Hazyville', definitely one to be pickin up if you're up for some Detroit-inspired electronica.

Other news: I did a radio show this week, but the recording is, frankly, gash. It's got a big loud hum all over it. Shame, 'cos I played stuff that I thought y'all might wanna hear. But I did manage to dig out a full recording of last week's show (where I thought I only had 17mins of it down). So here's a mpfree of that:

And here's a tracklist for the show that didn't get committed to ones and zeroes, but with some links so you can grab some proper parts of it for yerself...
  • Mr Oizo - 'Echo Depth Finders On The Air (bonus track)', Moustache (Half A Scissor) [F Communications]
  • COM.A feat. Wicked Act - 'No Heathen (Ghetto Plasma Remix)' Various [Shockout]
  • Kim Cascone - 'Black Gun Red', Ikebana: Merzbow's Amlux Rebuilt, Reused and Recycled [Important Records]
  • Beatwife - 'Virtual Love Cell', Virtual Love Cell [Entity Records]
  • Rough Americana - 'Feriano', Metallum Gravis [Rough Americana]
  • Radicalfashion - 'Shunpoudoh', Odori [Hefty]
  • Cardopusher - 'Voice Mail Bomb', Rules Of Anger 12" [Ruff]
  • Chipmunk - 'A Milli Freestyle', Guess Who? mixtape [Chipmunk - Guess Who Download]
  • Various Production - 'Pintman'
  • Eskiboy - 'Class of 07', Umbrella vol.1
  • El-B - 'Express'
  • Dub Melitia - 'Bullet'
  • Zulu / T2 - 'Bodybroken (Steak House remix)' [mashit download]
  • Dexplicit - 'Bassline Ecstasy'
  • Skream - '2D', Skreamizm vol.4 [Tempa]
  • DJ Donna Summer - 'Hoovermore' [BirthdayPartyBerlin download]

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

RuckusRadioShow#3 - only bit of a recording...

Got through some tasty tunes, but the damn wiretap couldn't record the whole show - strugglin with my memory or something... Anyhoo, here's the mp3 and tracklist of what I played, only the first four songs made it into the audio... Sorry like.

  • Rampage - ‘Big Breath’, [Nightshifters] *
  • Rob Threezy – ‘WGTMUB’, [Nightshifters] *
  • Stirling Void -  ‘Serve It Up’, [DJ International] *
  • Supersilent -  ‘c-4.1’, [rune gramaphon] *
  • Kohn – ‘Song For Leeds’, [K-raak-­3]
  • Alva Noto - ‘U-0-8.1’, [Raster Noton]
  • Unknown, ‘not for nothing’, [unreleased CDR called ‘Songs for the Left-Handed’]
  • Elephant Man -  ‘No Tickle’, []
  • Tricky (South Rakkas Remix) ‘Council House’, [Stage Three Music]
  • Unknown – ‘Pretty Boys Don’t Survive Up North (GFTUA mix)’, [HATE 002]
  • Paavoharju -  ‘Kevatrumpu’, [fonal]
  • Ghedalia Tazartes -  ‘Transports2’, [alga margen]
  • Muslimgauze -  ‘days and nights in no mans land’, [muslimlim]
  • DJ Scotch Egg – ‘Scotch Hausen’, [Adaddat / Wrong]
The * indicates that you'll hear it on the mp3. So what you won't hear are the shout-outs from made later on, which included: 

  • big-F.f.f.f.f.fresh!! to the new Nightshifters label for putting out some ggggggreat rekkids...
  • big-up to crew for posting the Benny Hill riddim (that Elephant Man track). They've got a party this Friday (17th Oct) with Durrrty Goooodz - definitely one to check if you're in the LDN area.
  • big-love to Nick in Miami for tuning in and letting it be known - transatlantic baby, yeah!
  • big-respect to the unknown person who sent in a great CDR simply titled 'Songs for the Left-Handed', beautiful stuff - yes! send in your stuff!
  • big-thanks to Hush Hush at Club Optimo, Aberdeen, for puttin on Dexplicit at the weekend - that was a great show, lookin forward to Skream and then Bok Bok and Manara over the next few weeks / months, hellllll yeahhhhhh.