Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rush Assembly

My ability to focus has been exhausted by the following, which took four years to make, but which was finally assembled as if in a rush:

Not having any pressing deadline o'erhangin my life any more, I can get back to normal routines. So this morning I started listening to music using more than one turntable again, and because I figured I'd get back online today I also recorded what I played to myself. So here's a hastily assembled mix:

Done In Mix.mp3 - 20m54secs - 27mb - 128kbps [zshare]

1. Group Doueh - "Wazan Samat" from Guitar Music From The Western Saharah [Sublime Frequencies]
2. J-Dilla - "Jungle Love" from The Shining Instrumentals [BBE]
3. DMX Crew - "Space" from Collapse of the Wave Function vol.1 [Rephlex]
4. Modeselektor / NinjaMan - "Weed Wid Da Macka" [Shockout]
5. DJ C / Johnny P - "Seaya Face and P J Body" [Shockout]
6. Assassin - "Boring Gal" on Stage Time rhythm [Birchill records]
7. Beenie Man - "Real Badman" on Stage Time rhythm [Birchill records]
8. Elephant Man - "Nu Fi" on Stage Time rhythm [Birchill records]
9. DJ/rupture - "Options" from Miss Nemesis 7" [Ek-ke Records]
10. Disrupt (Jahtari) - "Tubby ROM Module" from Tubby ROM Module / Foundation Bit 12" [Werk]

Ten in twenty minutes, as if in a rush... Why do we try to do so much at once? And if I'd taken more than one stab at it, I could've made those segues a bit smoother. No quality control, some people. No patience.

Besides the above, I've also been listening to the following, and it follows that you should do so too, since if I'd written about it at the time you probably would have done, so go do so now:
  • Prancehall's killer 'Anger Is A Gift' mix of grime-plus. Go here for the original post, where new uploads are getting listed, or try downloading here [sendspace]. Excellent stuff, some great exclusives. Lovely bit of Jammer on Britney's 'Toxic', and a slice of that 'Down Down Down and Out' spiritual from Bugsy Malone. Hot hot hot.
  • Timeblind's collision of miminal with dubstep, the 'Fauna' mix, downloadable here [direct]. Original post and tracklist here.
  • DJ/rupture's radio show on - which has had guest slots from Drop The Lime, Skull Disco, The Heatwave and many more. Summer's going quickly like this.
  • Word The Cat's Bassline mix - download it here [direct] and read the post and tracklist here.
  • The latest blogariddims podcasts, which include some hot Spanish flavours [direct] from The Heatwave and an icy fresh delivery of Basic Channel tech/dub styles on the mix [direct] from Gutterbreakz (full description here).
  • Philip Sherburne's 'Chips the Light Fantastic' mix of recent and as-yet-unreleased minimal zounds, mostly white label materials it seems. Thread here, although it's unlikely there'll ever be a tracklist. Try downloading here [zshare], or check the thread for details of more dl-points.
  • This one's going back quite a bit (to June), but then hell, why shouldn't I, the music's fresh (and probably still unreleased), and you might've missed it if you weren't watching the same channels as me - we shouldn't rush away so quick from mixes that sound good and which their creators have actually spent some time and thought in constructing. So: I've been listening to Matt Shadetek's "More Fire More Bass" mix on heavy repeat - largely 'cos I love the way that "Bumbaclat Badman" by Chronkik feat. Skepta, Wiley & Esko works in the mix, and because I'm diggin all the Shadetek and Drop The Lime exclusives. Post and tracklist are here and the mix is downloadable here [direct].
  • "Simon's Slow Music From Africa" mixtape, downloadable here [zshare], found c/o the excellent Awesome Tapes From Africa blog, where you can find the tracklist. Thanks to Jules for pushing this one my way. Highlights of the mix include Camayenne Sofa and Number One du Senegal - crackin stuff.
  • A regular drip-feed of 'blog house' .mp3s from those crazy Scandinavians over at - lots of Lily Allen, Sinden, Daft-Punk-esque filter house, crunk and related things. I seem to have acquired a form of filter-listening - a lot of discobelle circulations get listened to only once before I delete them. It's not that I dislike the music, it's just that it fits into a very functional template, so I go through it once, hear what's going on, appreciate it for what it does or otherwise, and move on... Not rushing, it's just cos I'm listening to dancefloor music without being anywhere near one, so I don't savour or save it. Huh.
Keep on.