Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sask and Back

I just got back from Toronto, as well as Saskatoon, Canada's 'Paris in the Prairies'. Travel, as you know, maudlins the mind. So here's some music for getting back in to doing all of the same things that you were doing before you stopped doing them so that you could do something else. The track captures a moment of pristine experience, the autumn of reflection, and the presence of an absence. With rave stabs.

Wasteland - In Your Sleep - from October (Transparent, 2004) 3m58s 5.69mb

Have some kleenex handy, this might get emotional.

(Props to Jon for the late-night word on this.)

Some great news - PUZZLEWEAZEL has a new LP out on Sublight called EX-GRID. It's a crackin' slice of his hyperspliced breakcore sound: the boy from Arhaus has a serious precision technique of microbeat mastication. I picked up his Farvel Til Slegt Og Venner! EP on Violent Turd back in 2003, and I've been waiting nearly four years to hear anything else. Around that time there was a bunch of people making such production-powerhaus breakcore - Drop The Lime, Otto Von Schirach, Hrvatski, Dev/Null, V-Snares were the big guys. But each of them has moved into slightly different pastures - DTL's picked up the bass wobble and house step sound; Otto's sound has become less frenetic, more abstract; Keith Fullerton Whitman seems to have dropped the Hrvatski moniker, and puts out perfect, polished, warm fuzzy analogue synth stuff; dev/null also took 4 years to put out an LP (on CockRockDisco), which recapitulated a lot of stuff previously freely available online - all good, but not much in the way of new thrash-drumming inspired fragmented beats.

Of course, Venetian Snares continues to chop'n'splice in a ridiculously exciting way, but we all know that he's at his absolute best behind the violin... So yeah, Puzzleweasel is pretty much the saviour of this sound for me - with none of those cheap'n'willful gestures like trying to superimpose a layer of pseudo-violence on the tracks - he just works the milliseconds hard, whips them into shape with dizzyingly pure craftmanship. Head over to his myspazz for new audio. The photo above is from the hypnotic and shocking video to CVON, available on the tube, although I refuse to do one of those embedded linked players cos they're no good for .rss feedreadsters. And you should definitely hear the track, as follows:
Puzzleweasel - CVON - from ExoGrid (Sublight 2007) 3m51s 5.3mb

Have some kleenex handy, this might cause epistaxis.

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