Friday, May 11, 2007

Graft and Fade? Get Out More

Here's another mix for some pleasant summer listing for you to try. I thought I'd put some music in there from artists who're appearing at Sheffield's Lovebytes festival (actually, I only got Hecker in there at the end - he's playing with Russell Haswell, should be a blast), and I'm also including some original music, so hey, it's something a bit different from usual huh.

Could It Be May? 22m19s 25.6mb 106kbps

[00m00s - 04m35s] Ben Frost: 'Forgetting You Is Like Breathing Water' - Theory of Machines
[00m52s - 07m36s] Jaap Blonk: '1986 Version ersrster teil' - Ursonate
[01m08s - 05m07s] Jessica Rylan: 'I Was Taking A Nap' - Lush Life
[04m34s - 12m02s] Joe: 'red sh5t'
[06m02s - 11m42s] Makoto Moroi + Toshiro Mayuzumi: 'Variations on numerical principle of 7 (1956)' - Concert: 20-21
[09m34s - 12m58s] Tetuzi Akiyama: 'Terrifying Street Trees' - Terrifying Street Trees
[08m53s - 09m21s] Vybz Cartel: 'Call The Ambulance (acapella)' - Promo
[11m32s - 21m20s] Joe: 'Three Chords'
[12m41s - 17m36s] Yasunau Tone + Hecker: 'Man 'Yo / Zero Crossings' - Palimsest
[20m05s - 22m12s] Joe: 'Charity'

What else is good? KeswickLemon passed on this highly ltd ed mix compilation called ONO NORWAY, which is a great selection, featuring tracks by Noxagt, Sixtoo, Paavoharju, The Grey Field Recordings, Dubbing Mixers, Francois Tetaz, John Cage, Spunk, Matmos, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Volcano the Bear, Twine and Machinefabriek. But as they say on boomkitty, it's not about the tracklist, it's about the mood. A highly recommended work of graft and fade. Go click on his discogs page to hear more mixes etc. A man of breadth.

Finally, we've got another cracking c90 party next friday (18th May) - Dj Distance brings the metal-tinged dubstep, while Hanuman brings the ruckus. Me and Rich c90 got a little bit loquacious writing flier-text for this one - trawl through the meaty extended metaphors below:

DJ DISTANCE (Planet Mu, Rinse FM)

All Sound Bwoys and Sound Gyals Out!! Fresh off the back of the
release of his killer album 'My Demons', original dubstep soldier DJ
Distance heads to c90 to represent for his first dance in Sheffield.
One of the most creative and original producers that scene has
fostered, Rinse FM resident Distance has been essential listening
since dubstep day one. Bringing deep sub riffage and heavy
rock-flavoured riddims, chestplate protection is recommended.

HANUMAN (Punch Drunk, Death$ucker, Werk)

Hanuman, simian deity and one half of MONKEY STEAK, brings spiritual
turbulence to the dancefloor with his impious trinity of Klezmer,
Balkan beats and jungle-dancehall riddims. A compulsive musical
kleptomaniac, Hanuman layers the familiar alongside the arcane: Joanna
Newsom sobs her shrill tears while Mathhead's dubstep banditry robs
the bass, Mr. Oizo barrels into the Neptunes, and Shakira & Timberlake
try to get in some moves before being outstepped by the Yiddish Swing
Orchestra and Aaron Spectre. Dervish insanity of seraphic

C90 DJs (Runnin Away With It)

18th May
D'n'R Bar, Arundel Gate Sheffield, S1 2PN (opposite TJ Hughes, near The Roxy).
9pm til 1am
£5 on the door ROAR