Thursday, December 07, 2006

Career / Combat

Sometimes I wish I could be an ethnomusicologist, cos I absolutely delight in taking bits of music apart and looking at all the pieces, and the idea of relating some of the pieces to different geographies and biographies seems like a great thing to spend one's days doing.

So I read wayne's recent post on the themes running through his brand new Blogariddim mix with joy - all illustrated with pictures for rhythms and cute samples. [Them thar riddimmethodists have got lots to answer for, in my mind, not only for their projects of proselytising about mashups, which are pretty addictive, but also because they've introduced this new musical notation. Where formerly, music was formally represented by staves'n'quavers, and then shapes and so on, wayne's made it de rigueur to present a snapshot of a soft synth, or a scene from ableton live, or a bit of reason].

Sadly, the closest I'm gonna get to working on this sort of thing academically is by presenting some of his observations in an epistemology lecture in an effort to wake my students out of their slumbers. But hey, given you're probably not gonna sit in one of my classes, go read his post. It's his work, I don't wanna plagiarise at you.

Other lovely lovely stuff is this 'ere Monkey Steak remix of 'haiku', available (soon?) on Combat records. You can hear a sample here.

As you can hear, it's a lightly tripping 2stepper, fiddling with itself using a rubberized bass bounce (sourced from the original Stormfield production) in an urgent yet dainty manner. And, as that slightly convoluted metaphor would suggest, there's something about it which feels a little bit dirty.

As you well know, the 'Steak are the boys behind the massive Lighthouse Dub on Punch Drunk records, closely affiliated with Bristol's best record shop. The Lighthouse has been doing some impressive rounds, and appeared on kid kameleon's exceptionally tasteful dubstep mix for xlr8r a little over a month ago.

Moreover, 50% of Monkey Steak are heading up to Sheffield for our next c90 bash in February - we're proudly putting on Sam (Monkey Steak) Atki2 alongside Bristol's other dubstep luminary, Pinch. You may recall that Pinch has remixed a couple of Sam's releases, and it's clear that these guys operate well together, so it should be an exciting night.

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