Friday, November 17, 2006

Aspiring Autumnally

710 - Dwayne Sodaberk, from the LP 'Cut Open' 2006 on tigerbeat6 [buyable]

Trick is wishing for new luggage. . Kenneth's been fantasising over an mp3 player. Rut-pure meta-imagines music journalism with alternative logics. Wayne's doing academic workouts in a fantasy land.

[A voice-over with matronly tones recalls "as a child he always seemed more interested in the boxes that the toys came in..."]

I keep half-remembering conversations and trying to work out who I had them with. I have a feeling that I've met someone very interesting quite recently - was it yesterday? - and that we had talked about Anthony Burgess. I think there was more Enderby in the conversation than there was Orange, which was what made the conversation so charming. I recall that parting comments involved the new-to-paperback biography by Andrew Biswell, (titled 'The Real

Life of Anthony Burgess' because the 'the author and composer was a notorious fabulist of his own history").

Sadly, I suspect the conversation was merely dreamt, although it's encouraging to note that I find myself to make an engaging interlocutor.

Dreaming And Remembering - Jason Forrest feat. Timeblind, from the LP 'Shamelessly Exciting' 2006 on CockRockDisco [Buyable]

Making yourself fabulously essential is also the work of fabulation. One of those britprop wunderkinder Menswe@r said that he'd wanted one of those belts that linked with two S-shaped hooks, so he mentioned it on a radio show and lots of adoring listeners sent some in. These might be the entirely reasonable wages of such celebrity, but how do you get on that show in the first place so that you can make these entirely reasonable demands?

One way is to make sure that people think that other people pay you these respects already, with the intention that other people jump on the bandwagon, desperate to have a part of that action, struck by the unbearable thought that they might be behind-the-times and outmoded because they haven't yet partaken in this feast of altruism.

Sometimes people jump onboard because of who is already there, sometimes because they don't want to be left behind, and sometimes they jump just because you've given them something to jump on to / somewhere else to jump. But it definitely seems to help if you make it clear that you'll be doing this anyway, getting on with it regardless of whether they join in or not.

Gang Bang - The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

The rumour breathlessly accelerated all round the school-yard - "Darren's got a gang, and you're only in if he says you are". It fell in new ears, untouched by playground lore, ears so young that they hadn't yet felt the ruddy rugby blows of winter, curled as they were inside balaclavas, heads-down over conkers and pieces of string. But inside, each person who heard the rumour felt its resonance and recognised it; secretly, they each wanted to be in.

"Jon says you've got a gang." "That's right" said Darren. And then they asked his permission to join, and it was up to him if they could.

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