Thursday, September 28, 2006

forthcoming attraction

Jules c90 and me are playin at dis:

Should be a good party, those Designer's Republic guys have got a whole 'sensory overload' theme planned, and so we're planning to play some sort of it's-too-much-i-tell-you sonic accompaniment. Free, so it can't hurt you too much, right?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Rare'n'Racy are having a hard time

It's sad, but this amazing book&music store's in danger of going under (rising rents etc) - which is extra sad when I reflect that my Dad used to shop here when him and my Mum used to live in Sheffield in the mid70s...


Get yerself over to Rare And Racy and buy a whole load of obscure jazz records, noise CDRs and out of print and hard to find books asap, cos the council's discussing making life hard for 'em in an effort to get another identikit stylish bar in there instead...

(Then volunteer to do something for the benefit gig, and then go to the gig:
See you in there (virtually or otherwise).

Friday, September 22, 2006

Getting Back In Deep

Capping off his Zanzibar adventures, Maga Bo posts this amazing Oud solo from his man Matonas - go check it, a perfect way of demonstrating the sense and logic of turning up in a city armed with a laptop and a desire to record some musicians.

In other news...

Cyprus was a blast. We went to a wine festival in Lemessos 'cos I'd heard that there was gonna be some raw Rembetiko. And there was. And there was free wine. Perfick.

The fella below was playing a Baglama, a half-sized bazouki that pretty much defines the Pireas style of rembetika. It's so small you can hardly see the tear-drop shaped bowl behind his hands.

In Greece (and Greek-cyprus, and whereever people gather to talk greek), 'baglama' is used as an affectionate put-down or insult - like calling someone a 'pecker' I guess, "you're so small I can hardly see you behind my fists".

Here's an mp3 of my attempt at a field-recording. Yeah, it's well tinny, but you can hear the interplay of the bazouki and the baglama - some great call&response and devastating polyphony. The strange thing is that the performance of this music feels so relaxed that you could almost believe that it was improvised.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Finding Ghouls, Getting Greek

I had got me a vampire, but Ken Trax got hisself a dracula. You gotta go git yerself a copy of this one.

Can't find much about the band that conjured up his fiend. The press releases tell us that "'Dracula' is by Piramis, a Greek prog-rock outfit who excel themselves on this stunning rock disco cut with insane vocals and freaky electronic experimentation." Further details on the now defunct Hungarotun records website are all Greek to me...

While we're speaking of such Hellenic things, I'm off to the lower bit of Cyprus, hungry to sample some Rembetika. I'm a recent convert, thanks to an introductory cdr I gratefully received from Sparky:

So here's a couple of historically disparate tracks taken from Matt Barrett's Guide to Rembetika page, where he's got plenty more: