Friday, August 25, 2006

Sucked Empty

Just one mp3 this week - been busy with tings an ting. It's off an old Pete Tosh tape that I've had kickin around since I came across it while going through a dead man's things about eight years ago. Dunno what the album's called cos the inlay's missing and the print on the tape was faded, but I've seen an LP called 'Bush Doctor Live' which has a very similar track list to side A, which is the 'live' side of this tape. This is the third song on side 2, a dubbed out studio FX-ed recording called 'Vampires'. Spose I could go to discogs and have a dig, but I'll leave that to you, it'll give you somethin to do while you listen to...

It's a bassy half-stepper, pure dubstep-roots vibes, with some crisp skipping-triplet hi-hats in the left, a snare crack that phases left to right each bar, and some zoned-out reverb catching and throwing some of the vox (esp. "fire burn-burn-burn-burn-burn..."). But what guarantees this track a deservedly central place in these dubstep times are the noisy atmospherics - not only has it got white-out noise fanflares, but it's also laced with wolf howls and eldritch screams from the get go.

The 'vampire' theme came to mind following South Africa's dogged reassertion that garlic and lemon juice are satisfactory sources of protection against (and CURES for) AIDS and HIV.
unnu fight against morality
you fight against integrity
fight against everything good for the younger generation

unnu old vampire
only trod upon creation
with your bloody meditation
unnu set of vampire

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[also, got some feedback from certain parties sayin they couldn't ever find the mp3s - here's the deal: click on the track name, and it'll take you to a download site. They stay up for about 7days after posting, but I can renew any anytime you like - gonna sort out so they stay up longer soon]

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