Friday, August 04, 2006

More Mego

Followin up from the informative and generous mego post over on the wirewool recently, I figured I'd make mention of a couple of favourites.

MASSIMO - from 2001's "Baby Let Me See Your USB (And I'll Show You My FireWire)"

massimo - fierce sailor
[First stumbling block: how to get a 3" cd in and out of a mac cd drive?]. It's amazing what this man can do with just a trumpet and some sort of infernal noise machine. I'd thought about including this track as part of my on-going ever-evolving Compilation of Pieces Using Dot Matrix Printers until a glance inside the sleeve revealed the claim that "this +20db session was done by massimo with just one trumpet". Hmmm.

But yeah, that ain't no trumpet you're looking at, it's a firewire. A little while back there was some sort of internet hi-jinx over at the site: a search for "USB and Firewire" included the 'pornographic' image above in the results. (The humanity! Never before has the innocent internet user been so besieged by explicit content).

Next up, ILSA GOLD - Trashcan Session [live from the Funkhaus] - from 2003's "Regretten? Rien!"

Ilsa Gold - Trashcan Session
The whole of Regretten? Rien! totally caught me off guard. At the time I'd been reading staalplaat's "Vital Weekly" newsletter...

(Now available as a podcast, a great idea, except that the audio format means that I started to stop reading Frans de Waard's et al's thoughtful, slightly detached reviews, which often finish with phrases like "A very nice compilation" and "But overall this is quite a nice release, although, like many others these days, maybe a bit too lengthy for my taste")

... and while I was in Amsterdam I visited the staalplaat store (now in berlin) with the express intention to check this out. The first (4second) track "Intro: Dreimal Roggenbrot" is just a three-note casio keyboard motif and a couple of heavy bass kicks (those which appear later on #7's "New York") and then you're into 'Silke' - with a german welcome to the rave cave. But I was standing there listening, leaning up against a wall covered in european arthaus 'zines, expecting this to be a double CD full of acid squiggles and 909 kick drums, when it hits into a whole load of german language talk radio. As | don't share the tongue, I can only report that I'm just vaguely aware that there's some messing around in the radio studio, but I guess I miss out on most of what's going on. So yeah, Trashcan Session is a great example - snippets of german radio, a voice interrupts and changes the track, and all the while one or other of the Ilsa's has got his hands on some midi triggers, pushing pads to get a kick bouncing and a handclap beating along under the AOR / pop records. That track they're singing with at 4m44s keeps coming back throughout the double CD, ultimately blending into the final raveup that is 'Eggs They See', their (original?) version of that riff wot underworld used in that 'born slippy'. "Overall" as FdW would say "a fine tradition. It's good to see people doing this again."

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