Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Itch Scratching / Temper Your Allergies / Urge Your Controls

Straight in with three mp3s for y'all.

#1 - Guilty Pleasure
In discussion with Sam Atki2 about the origin of his Guilty Pleasures EP, it seems that a taste for bouncy 2steppy garagey tracks is never far away. I've come here to confess the following indulgence, a white label that came my way in 2000, but which is probably older, and which I've had on heavy rotation when there's no-one around.

unknown - text me (white label)

Yeah, that's a killer vocal I know. Sadly no instrumental on the flip, just the same vocal with a less-interesting r'n'b loop instead of this cheap'n'genuis UK garage riff. Steal it somebody please.

#2 - Le Plaisier du Bounce
If any of you've been following the beat research going on over at the riddim method, you'll probably have heard or read about Dj C et al's Boston Bounce. If you haven't, I hereby encourage you to head here and then listen here. But this here next track ain't no Boston Bounce, it's a Brixton thing. And while the research centres might be geographically and even motivationally distinct, there's this methodological norm in common: Make The Accents In Your Rhythm Flip And Bounce, Snap Head Nodding Beats Like An Off-Centred Cam.

Actress - Mentor (Werk Discs)

#3 - Pleasures of the Night
Great recommendation from Juliun, but I ain't allowed to make confessions on anyone else's behalf, so for any eavesdropping deity, let's get the score clear.
His sin = leading into temptation.
Mine = acoustic avarice.
The Temptation = Goth Trad.

Goth Trad - Acid Steps (off his Mad Raver's DanceFloor on PopGroup Recordings)

Goth Trad makes sounds using his own 'music effector', which is sort of like a big nasty ball of springs and electricity. Einsturzende in a TV repair shop instead of a scrapyard. Acid Steps is a great example of the temptation - yeah, those first 4 bars got you expecting some Wiley beats: string stabs that shout 'preset' at you. But in rumbles a rhythm from a different age altogether, more 2badmice than mo'fire crew.

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Atki2 said...

Hi Joe - missed this post, rather like the weekend in sheffield! sorry pal, been a bit caught up of late. that 'Text me' tune sounds good - any chance you can email me an mp3 ;)