Tuesday, August 01, 2006

rollercoasting pt1.

Sometimes you can be too busy - that's kinda obvious. But the trick is being too busy doing not-enough: that's rollercoasting. I've been flat out kickin my heels for a fortnight that I can't get down to anything. I'm full time doing nothing now.

So wha'gwan?

Valencia (more to follow):


- where James Turrell sets up new churches in and out of doors to provide contemplative spaces for today's rushed and anxious art audiences.
- where Kenny Hunter takes artworks out of the city and puts them in a gallery.

And other frivolities as yet undocumented by available .jpegs.

Earswise, I finally got round to grabbing some of the other tracks off Xinlisupreme's Neinfuturer LP from their site - submergence for free.. Also picked up some magda mixes live at technique in leeds 2005 through the powah of ggl which I'm feeling immense about.

Herbert's Scale is smoother than I'd expected - really diggin the way he's using the big band now: subtle and charming, with some on-the-money production that lets it sound really (for want of a better word) authentic. Dani's vox are the best she's done on a Herbert release, with the possible exception of the 'drop like this' Akufen remix. More listening than can mention, as ever. Back wit more soon.


Warrior Style said...

There's my favourite, rollercoaster / the one only sissies ride.

Warrior Style said...

You there Joe?